“i hope you are not lying to me?” i asked, releasing my hold on her neck. She drew back and stared at me with fear.

“i have no need to lie to you. What do i have to gain with it?” she answered nervously,

“what do you mean she travelled to Ghana. Why?, for what reason?” i asked with despair.

“To get away from you of course. You made her life a living hell. She ran away in order to have peace of mind. You can now enjoy your life Mr Ken. Thank you for hurting a harmless woman” she fired with tears. I breathed deeply, not knowing what to do.
I wasn’t in control of myself, neither was i in control of my mind.

Supposing she was hiding anywhere in the country, things would have been a lot more easier for me. I would have done everything possible to find her, but unfortunately she was nowhere near the country. She travelled all the way to Ghana, just to keep her distance from me.

“dear God you know i can’t travel to Ghana, you got to help me” I prayed as i left the apartment downcast and greatly worried.

I headed to my house thereafter, had a quick meal, freshened up and headed to work with a very confused mind.
By 12:20pm Chioma walked into my office with her normal smile, but it instantly faded as soon as she saw my face.

“what’s up?. You look worried” she asked curiously.

“can you book another appointment with your pastor. The one we met the other day. I think we will be needing more prayers” i said to Chioma who stared at me with surprise and shock.

“c’mon what’s happening. This isn’t you” she asked. I simply shrugged and kept quiet, leaving her with no choice than to nod in aggreement.

“very well then. I’ll call him later in the day. Perhaps by tomorrow we will head over to his church” she said slowly, her eyes still on me in a curious manner.

I desperately needed to see the pastor. I needed his prayers and perhaps a new revelation. Something that could at least reduce the tension in me. I never used to be religious but somehow my problems and fears were gradually pushing me towards God with great speed.

By 2pm the next day, Chioma and i left the office to see the pastor. He recieved us happily and after a little prayer asked Chioma to leave us alone.

“you fiancee told me you were desperate to see me. I hope all is well?, my spirit tells me you have a secret to share, so spit it out” he urged with a smile. I breathed deeply, hesitated for a while before pouring out Mary’s story to him including the horrible nightmares i was having.

“seriously things got worst, most especially my conscience after the little session we had with you the other day. Since Mary is now beyond my reach can’t i just be happy and forget the past?” i concluded desperately.

“God is all knowing. He never allows us to hurt anyone because we are all equal in his eyes. We are all his children. He has a reason for wanting you to make peace with the people you wronged. I insist you follow it up no matter the price. As for me, be rest assured i’ll continue praying for you” the pastor said slowly, killing my hopes.
I had expected some sort of good news or another easy solution, but unfortunately he ended up saying the same thing he said the last time.

“no i can’t just start running around Ghana in search of Mary. I guess i have to simply forge ahead and forget the past. Who knows if this pastor is even real” i said to myself with a faint heart.
I was far from being happy. I equally wasn’t ready to abandon my responsibilities and head to Ghana.

Who ever does that??

To be continued.

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