“my love let it not bother you. I got things under control, there is still enough time to fix things with Mary” i begged,

“oh no but at least you could have carried me along. What got into you that made you keep such crucial facts from me. Don’t you trust me?. Please if there is anything else better spit it out” Chioma cried.

I had a hard time calming her down. I was forced to start from the begining, telling her everything that was in my mind. I kept nothing away. Together we discussed in my office till the end of working hours.

“you know we have to keep our marriage plans pending until we totally finish settling with Mary. Who knows when she’s returning to the country” she murmured, breathing deeply with fatigue as i drove her home later in the day.

“I can’t let you travel to Ghana searching for her. She can’t leave her teaching job for long, she probably will return before the end of November” she added sadly.

When we got to her apartment, I stayed behind, keeping her company until she was done with Dinner which we ate together, before heading to my house.
I wanted her to spend the night with me, which was the reason i stayed behind to get her. I couldn’t risk letting her spend the night alone which could give her more opportunity to worry about the problems i dragged her into. I felt by the next day the tension in her would reduce to an acceptable level.

We had a very wonderful night at my place. I took time making love to her. I s----d her bosoms until they grew hot with fire, kissed her pretty lips until she trembled with passion, licked her ki.tty until it changed to a more brighter colour opening up its wide mouth in readiness for my big thing. Slowly i lowered my manhood into her, slowly taking her to Dubai with my gentle thrusts. She moaned and sang with pleasure, together we rode to extreme fulfillness.

“you are one hell of a guy. You are flawless” she said sweetly as we broke away from each other.

“Your only mistake was taking advantage of Mary, someone you had no single feelings for” she murmured dreamily, closing her eyes as we fell apart, tired and exhausted.

“i pray she returns on time” she added seriously.

Unfortunately we were very unlucky. A month slowly crept by but Mary never returned, getting us extremely worried.
Mary’s sister equally made things harder for me. She refused disclosing any information, which slowly brought doubts into my heart.

I began doubting if Mary actually left the country or simply changed her phone lines and moved over to another city.

To be continued.

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