“Mary i don’t want to see you ever again. It’s over between us” i said slowly, watching her reaction keenly.

She drew back with surprise. Her mouth opening with great disbelief.
“what?, i don’t understand you bro. Ken. I thought we were…” she desperately tried to say something, but i interrupted her, nodding with a crazy smile.

“you heard me right” i murmured.

“I beg of you, let’s talk this out. Just thirty minutes of your time is enough. I think i deserve such. Please” she quickly begged, controlling her tears and displaying a fake smile. I stared at her for some seconds, shrugged and obliged.
Quietly she walked into my sitting room, carefully sat on a sofa and faced me.

“please tell me the truth?, what’s behind your sudden change in behaviour. I’m an adult, please hide nothing from me” she begged with a calm grace, staring at me with eyes filled with dashed hope. I drew close and held her hands.

“we have to end this because i’m not comfortable with you anymore. I don’t love you, let’s just be friends” i said slowly. She breathed deeply, and drew back a bit.

“just like that?. No bro. Ken. Born-again Christians don’t behave that way. Tell me?, why the sudden change of heart. I don’t just understand. Today is sunday of all days, please be serious” she managed to murmur with disbelief. I rubbed my face and swallowed hard.

“you have to get going now. Please i need a little peace” i barked, dragging her strongly on her feet. My action totally surprised her. She tried to resist but i was stronger. Tears quickly drew down her cheeks.

“why are you doing this to me?, why are you shattering my hopes. You don’t love me anymore, but why, it isn’t fair. God is watching” she cried as i pushed her out of my apartment.
I felt miserable but satisfied, paying no attention to her cries as she banged on my locked door asking for another chance.

As i returned to the sofa, my eyes fell on the nylon bag she brought. I quickly grabbed it in order to flung it out of my apartment, but unfortunately the hand tore, pouring a well perpared meal of rice, chicken and salad in my sitting room.

To be continued.

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