Chioma was so worried that she insisted on speaking with Mary’s sister. I tried my best to stop her, but she kept insisting to the extent that it almost brought a little misunderstanding between us.

I was forced to do her bidding against my wish, and so on the second saturday of the month of November, I took her to see Mary’s sister who was extremely surprised to see us, most especially Chioma who she eyed annoyingly.

Seriously i hated that moment, i hated myself for doing Chioma’s bidding. I felt it was a very wrong idea. I was extremely nervous as i watched the two ladies exchange glances.
I wasn’t comfortable at all.

Surprisingly, Chioma was calm as ever, smiling pleasantly as if she was a diplomat on an official duty. She returned the old Lady’s furious look with a very cheerful smile, playing down my tension with her behaviour.

“so Mr Ken what’s up with this surprising visit?. You came to show me your fiancee or what?” Mary’s sister asked coldly.

“Actually i’m the person behind it all” Chioma quickly replied before i could say anything, drawing the older lady’s attention back to her.

“of course you have been the person behind everything from the begining. My loving younger sister isn’t here with me thanks to you. So you better shut the fu.ck up unless you want me to help you do it” she barked at Chioma who shook with surprise, smiled and stood up.

“please can we speak privately. I believe you are an enlightened respectable lady. I know you will do the right thing. Please let’s talk privately” she begged her politely.

Mary’s sister stared at me for a while before turning her attention back to Chioma. Breathing deeply, she stood up.

“very well, let’s go to the bedroom” she said a bit coldly, leading the way, while Chioma calmly followed her.

I was left all alone in the sitting room to battle with my thoughts. I nervously waited for them, unable to figure out what was being discussed.
A long wait it was, they spent nearly an hour locked up in the bedroom discussing seriously.

They finally came out when i was almost dying with boredom, Chioma’s face as gloomy as ever.
“let’s go”, she commanded and headed out of the house while I quickly followed her with my heart furiously pounding.

I knew something was wrong. I imagined the worst….

To be continued.

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