“so when are you telling me what you discussed with Mary’s Sister or aren’t you going to tell me anything?” i asked Chioma as we settled down for dinner. My eyes all over her with expectation.

After the seemingly long discussion with Mary’s sister earlier in the day, Chioma had dragged me home without saying much to me. She kept everything to herself while i died of curiousity and worry.
It was the fifth time i was asking of what transpired between she and the lady. I was desperate as ever and equally wasn’t finding her silence funny at all.

Chioma breathed deeply and stared at me. I focused all my attention to her, my heart furiously pounding.

“Mary never left the country. Infact she’s still in this city” she revealed slowly. I gasped with shock, unable to believe my ears.

“actually it took me quite an effort to get this surprising piece of information. Mary never left town my dear” she confirmed seriously.
I dropped my spoon on the table, folded my hands and stared at Chioma with an open mouth.

“so where is she hiding?” i asked anxiously. She breathed deeply again and shook her head.

“she isn’t hiding my love. She’s at the General hospital. She’s in a very pathetic condition” she slowly informed me, sending my nerves flying high with the revelation.

“she has been sick all these period but we never knew. Seriously i feel very guilty” she cried. I swallowed hard with worry. I was very clueless on what to do.

“she promised to talk to Mary on my behalf. If Mary agrees to see me, i’ll try my best to see how she’s doing” Chioma added calmly. I couldn’t believe my ears. All i did was shrug silently…..

Days slowly passed by with Chioma surprisingly refusing to get out of the depression she threw herself. She felt responsible for Mary’s sickness and it almost affected our relationship which almost collasped.

Finally another Saturday approached with Mary’s sister inviting us to the General hospital. We all went there with our hopes up and eventually got the shock of our lives when we saw what remained of Mary.
She was nothing but a breathing skeleton. She was so thin and pale.

“you wanted to see my sister, here she is” her elder sister said to Chioma with sadness in her eyes, avoiding our questions.
I couldn’t believe the person lying before us was Mary. It was very difficult to believe.

“it looks like she’s down with HIV Aids. What do you think?” Chioma whispered into my ear, almost sending me to my grave with the fearful words…

To be continued.
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