“please stop saying nonsense my dear” i whispered back to chioma who quickly dropped her eyes and kept quiet.

“as you can see, my sister is sleeping. It’s quite unfortunate you guys came at the wrong time. Maybe next saturday you can come over” Mary’s sister said with a cold smile. I shrugged and held Chioma.

“thanks for everything. I see you don’t want us to hang around for a while. Anyway we will be back by next saturday. If there is anything you need, please don’t hesitate mentioning it” i said politely, smiling nervously as i threw another look at Mary who was sleepling peacefully.

“thanks but i sure won’t need anything from you” the old lady replied coldly, leading us out of the ward.

We silently left the hospital deep with our individual thoughts. I was extremely worried, so was Chioma.

“of course Mary’s body is like that of an Hiv Aids victim but no it can’t be” i prayed fearfully,
“If she is really with the virus then i’m finished. I can’t have the virus” i breathed nervously as great fear took control of me.
My entire body shook with worry.

“My God No no no” i cried within, trying my best to conceal my fears from Chioma.

“you know we should go for a Hiv test. It’s very important” she soon suggested as we headed back to my apartment. I threw a quick glance at her, noticing how withdrawn and terrible she looked.

“do you actually think Mary has the virus?” i asked fearfully. She breathed deeply and shook her head.

“i don’t know what to believe but all i know is that we are going for a test on monday” she said seriously. I bit my lips and drove on, cursing the day i met Mary.

Seriously i couldn’t imagine myself living with such a virus. I felt sick thinking of it.
“Gosh it can’t be, what even got such idea into Chioma’s head. Mary is just seriously sick. Her sickness has nothing to do with Hiv” i reasoned, trying hard to play down my fears.

I prayed and hoped. I felt very bad, but Chioma looked much worst. Everything about her instantly changed. She became a shadow of herself.

The next day {sunday}, was very uneventful. I spent it indoors, with my television and phones turned off. I simply laid on my bed lamenting my fate and praying with all my soul. I was very scared, but what scared me the most was the Hiv test we planned taking the next day.
It was easier unknowingly living with the virus than living with the fact that every second that ticks was bringing death closer with great speed…
By 10am on monday, Chioma and i nervously waited for our Hiv test results. My heart throbbed furiously, Chioma sat a distance away, looking very uncomfortable. I couldn’t speak to her because i had nothing to say…

Some minutes later, our results were handed to us without any form of counselling which gave me slight hope and courage to read the result which was nothing but NEGATIVE.

“oh yeah!” i jumped with joy. It was the first time in my life i was happy for having a result which came out negative….

“thank you Jesus” Chioma cried as she hugged me after seeing her’s.

“i’m very sorry for rushing into conclusion. This means Mary isn’t down with the virus” she said to me, tears freely falling from her eyes.

You guys can’t imagine how happy, relieved and reborn i felt that moment…
I felt alive again….

To be continued.

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