“i’m so short of words my dear” i confessed,

“i know sweety. So just keep quiet and let’s go home” chioma replied.


The rest of the week was very uneventful, we did nothing but concentrate on our jobs which we neglected for so long. However it never stopped me from thinking about Mary. I couldn’t imagine what the poor lady was going through on her sick bed. It pained me a lot and oh yes i felt very responsible.

Just like Chioma i was very curious to know what was wrong with Mary, but her elder Sister saw us more as enemies than friends. She refused discussing Mary’s illness with us even though we tried our best to call everyday.
That was the situation of things till Saturday afternoon when we visited the hospital again.

This time Mary was very much awake and looking a bit better, though still very fragile.
She managed to sit up on the bed immediately we showed up, forcing out a weak smile which we returned in full. Chioma dutifully sat beside her.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you guys. Though my sister told me how you have been asking about me” she said to Chioma, coughing weakly as she talked. Chioma held her hand and smiled sweetly.

“of course we are very worried for you sweetheart. No one is without a conscience. We do care very much about you” she answered innocently. Mary breathed deeply before looking up at me.

“you know i felt i found happiness. I felt i found my missing rib when Ken came along. I know you understand that feeling which comes when someone who matches your criteria enters your life” she addressed Chioma who nodded slowly.

“i felt happiness. My life was his, i fell so strongly in love. I gave him my soul to keep safe, but you know the rest of the story” she continued weakly, while i looked down with shame and remorse.

“he flung away my life. He flung away everything for you” she said bitterly, touching everyone with her words. Her elder sister quickly interrupted with concern.

“my dear you shouldn’t be talking about the past. You are very sick”She protested, eyeing me angrily.

“don’t worry big sister there isn’t any cause for alarm. Everything happened for a purpose, moreover i now think it’s cool things ended the way it did. I would have suffered more being in this condition with Ken as my husband. So don’t worry anymore about me dear Ken, i have forgiven you. Just be happy with your girl” she concluded and sobbed.
I quickly knelt by her side, hugging her by the waist, while chioma equally sobbed. It was a very emotional scene.

“you are a very wonderful person. The more i get to know you. The more i admire everything about you. Thanks a lot for understanding, we will continue checking on you till you get better and leave this hospital. The bills are on me, don’t worry about anything and get better” Chioma promised, shocking everyone with her offer.
However we had no time to discuss further with Mary nor her sister because a doctor soon showed up to check on her forcing us to leave.

We left with the promise of returning on monday but unfortunately Mary never made it to monday.
An early monday morning phone call from Mary’s sister broke the terrible news to me.

“MY SISTER IS DEAD. Mary is dead” she cried over the phone.

To be continued.

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