Ep 1

With a super quick reflex i plunged into her wet hot k.itty, breathing deeply as i held her tightly, rotating my waist in a clockwise motion.

“Bro ken easy ahhh, easy ooo” sister Mary moaned, getting me more excited with her sweet angelic voice. Seriously she tasted like an untapped palm wine, even though she was close to twenty nine years old, if not more.

So how did my story with Sister Mary began??…..

Being a young successful civil servant, who luckily got employed immediately after my Nysc. Life was full of fun, adventures and sexcapades which i was never opportuned to engage in during my campus days because of financial constraints. I attended university with almost nothing, but life has a way of pushing someone with one hand and embracing him with another. All my struggles were rewarded with a good job at the end, but what did i do with my new found status?

I ate, drank and smoked women like garri, from campus girls, to working class chicks, from young female teachers to cute attractive executives. I counted my census with no holds barred.

I soon became friendly with a rich young banker popularly known as a Jboy, together we rocked the city swimming, and sinking in honeypots of willing girls, but the more we did our thing, the more hungry we got, until Jboy came up with a very weird Idea, which was for us to carry our adventures to the church. At first i declined, but when i saw him get down with three hot sisters i became a born again Christian by force, changed my name to brother kenneth, a name i used in fishing for holy ladies.
Within two sundays, i befriended Sister Mary, a lady older and much more matured than I.

I know you must be wondering why i went for such older lady, when there are lots of younger girls everywhere?.
Well i had no time for the younger ones who needed much more convincing and good deeds to lure when there were willing hot ladies, dying underneath their long gowns and skirts.

By wednesday, after the second sunday of my born again life, sister Mary an active choir member honoured my invitation. She came to my house and we spent the rest of that evening arguing and quoting the bible.

Friday she honoured my invitation again, but instead of quoting the bible, we went for a hot delivering session on my bed, where i plunged into her honeypot like a diver, hitting and rotating my joystick in her sweet pot as if i was turning a hot soup.

Dam.n she was on fire as i displayed my degree on sex maneuvers to her,

Fikpia fikpia fikpia i fired on without stopping because the devil is a liar….

Little did i know that the devil has a special way of flogging ignorant men.

To be continued.
Watch out for the concluding episodes..

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