I woke up the next morning to see seven missed calls in my phone. I really was surprised because i never heard my phone ring.

“hmmm dis kain sleep self” i murmured as i dialled back the number which was Tessy’s.

“i truly must mean next to nothing to you, for you to be despising me the way you are doing” she scolded as soon as she picked my call.

“i’m really sorry” i apologized respectfully,

“you are very presumptuous, you know?” she murmured a bit angrily, while i frowned.

“so are we still seeing today?” she asked,

“i never said we were, alright no wahala but it will be in the afternoon” i replied,

“fine, just give me a call whenever you are ready” she said and hung up.

Adaora was all smiles as she prepared for work minutes later. She sang, joked and played with me as she served breakfast. She seemed to have forgotten the events of the previous day. Even though i smiled and joked with her, i still watched her cautiously, because i knew her very well. She could be friendly and deadly at the same time. Moreover our relationship was still quite shaky.

“i will be returning late today, because i will be stopping over at Madam Bisi’s shop, her new stocks arrived last night from London, and i won’t miss seeing them for anything” she announced as we ate breakfast.

“hmmm Madam Bisi” i murmured absent-mindedly,

“mum’s friend nau, though i don’t think you have met her” she explained, while i shrugged. I really wasn’t interested.

“hope you know we are travelling home this weekend?” i asked after a while. she rolled her eyes and stared at me blankly.

“hmmm okay, but you know sometimes i wonder how you do sign your monthly {nysc} clearance form, because you hardly stay in your PPA” she murmured casually,

“and why bring up such topic now?” i asked searchingly,

“it just crossed my mind” she replied with a smile,

“well i’m good with cheating, Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve” i jokingly explained,

“abi and you are proud of it, Lazy boy” she laughed.

As soon as she left for work, i hurriedly prepared and dressed up for my appointment with Selena. I left the house an hour later and headed towards selena’s.
Finding Selena’s house, using the direction she gave me wasn’t as easy as i anticipated. I however found the place after taking three wrong turns which really took much of my time. She was at the gate to recieve me.

For a moment she simply stood and stared at me as if she wasn’t sure of herself, before finally stepping forward and hugging me.

“welcome dear, i thought you wouldn’t come” she murmured with a smile.

To be continued.
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