“Nice house” i murmured in admiration as we walked into the compound, she shrugged and smiled,

“Dad managed to build it with his gratuity after retiring from the military” she explained.
We silently walked into the living room where an elderly woman in her early fifties rose up to greet me.

“wow you are finally here, welcome dear, my daughter really said lots of good things about you which made me very eager to see you” she greeted polietly as we hugged.

“i’m also very pleased to meet you ma” i humbly replied.

“seriously you are much younger than i expected you know, you are also the first boy she is ever bringing home and introducing to me” the lovely old lady said as i settled down on a couch beside her. Selena’s mum really was very cordial and friendly. She wasn’t the quiet type, and she truly made me feel very relaxed. She was a pleasant Lady.

Selena however dragged me to her room thirty minutes later, cracking silly jokes as we went into her room,

“mum likes you, i’m glad because she hardly hides her feelings and always speaks her mind. Could you believe i was scared as we walked into the living room minutes ago” she giggled happily. I quietly settled on a small chair beside her bed, folded my hands and stared at her.

“i’m really sorry for the way i treated you the other day, no explanation can excuse me for leaving you stranded in a town you barely know. I’m still ashamed of it” i apologized. She came closer to me, held my shoulders and smiled.

“if things don’t happen, it’s because they are not meant to be, so let’s forget all about it” she replied sweetly.

“thanks dear” i murmured gratefully,

“i like your voice, you speak like an innocent little boy” she added jokingly, making me frown slightly,

“it’s a compliment, why are you frowning?” she laughed,

“so who was the girl with you yesterday, i think i have seen her somewhere?” she asked curiously,

“she’s my girlfriend, my wife to be, we have been together since we were kids” i answered effortlessly, but my reply really left a terrible mark on her face. She instantly frowned and took her hands off my shoulders.

“and must you say it to my face in such manner huh?, you just disrespected me again, i feel like hitting you” she said with a hurtful look, turned and reached for her hand-bag which was lying on her bed, fetching a packet of cigarette from it.

I quickly got up and held her, “you know smoking isn’t good for your health, remember what the doctor said the last time you had crisis?” i asked,

“i bury my sorrows with it, so please let me be” she replied, pushing me away from her side,

“so would you have preferred i continue lying to you?” i asked with disbelief,

“at least you could have been more diplomatic with your truth, i havn’t had a serious male friend in my life and i was hoping you could change all that for me. I had no qualms introducing you to my mother, at-least you could have respected my feelings, you could have twisted your words somehow, i wasn’t really expecting you to tell me the whole truth about that skinny girl” she poured out without thinking, freezing in shock only when she realised the folly of her rantings.
I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Seriously Abuja ladies are full of surprises. To me, most of them don’t behave like Africans.

To be continued.

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