“I better start leaving, i have some other appointments to honour” i said with a smile, ignoring her last comment.

“so you are leaving so soon?, nawa for you ooo” she protested sadly,

“i’m sorry dear, but this won’t be my last visit to your home, i promise, it’s just that i have an urgent appointment which i won’t miss for anything, because it is business related” i explained sweetly,

“alright, when are you leaving Abuja?” she asked,

“next weekend” i lied.

“i don’t think, i will be spending another night here” she murmured unhappily. I breathed deeply and held her gently.

“you should think over what you intend doing, moreover i think your mum is simply protecting you” i advised before turning to leave. I really didn’t have the strength nor time for her whining, which she equally noticed.

I headed straight to Tessy’s shop after leaving Selena’s house, promising myself that it will be the last time i will ever Tessy. A promise i knew i wouldn’t keep.

She was attending to a customer when i walked into her shop. Her eyes instantly sparkled with joy as soon as she noticed my presence. I polietly stood a distance away and waited for her, examining some perfumes at the same time. She quickly rounded up with the customer and came to me.

“i thought you preferred using the back door?, what made you change your system, or did someone tell you i was in here?” she asked with a smile, displaying her lovely teeth. I shrugged and returned her smile.

“i guess we should be going to your office?” i asked,

“yea right, i know my employees gossip a lot” she joked and led me to her office.

“my friend is throwing an exquisite party tonight” she announced when we got to her office. I shrugged and said nothing, she picked up her bag, stared at me curiously and shook her head.

“let’s go” she murmured with a smile, walked past me, left her office and headed back to the shop {shopping area}.

“where are we going?” i asked curiously, blindly following her,

“do you really want to know?” she asked, nodding to one of her employees who promptly came forward. She handed a bunch of keys to her, murmured some instructions before dragging me along as she left her shop.

“where are we going?” i asked again,

“c’mon are you scared or what?” she asked, stopped and faced me, but i didn’t respond because i instantly froze as i noticed Elinor coming towards us with a fair, tall, handsome guy. She quickly followed my eyes, turned and breathed deeply as soon as she saw them.

The surprise and shock she displayed clearly showed she wasn’t expecting them either. Elinor equally was shocked to see me, but as usual she hid her resentment with a sharp decieving smile.

To be continued.

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