“where are you guys going?” Elinor asked searchingly,

“hmmm dear me, you never told me you were coming?” Tessy asked, avoiding her question,

“yea dear, actually i never really planned on coming, but here i am” she laughed sweetly, while i looked away uncomfortably.

“meet Kingsley a guy you will soon get to like, Kingsley meet my dear friend Tessy” she introduced her companion to Tessy, expertly ignoring me.

“Val and i are really rushing to somewhere, i really don’t know how we will do this” Tessy said, glancing at her watch, but Elinor wasn’t moved, she pretended not to understand the message her friend was trying to pass.

“kayode told me that Sonia is finally throwing the party tonight is it true?” she asked,

“oh yea she is oo, your friend Kayode has made a fortune out of it. I think we shouldn’t be standing here, let’s go over there please” Tessy replied, pointing to a small eatery across the street.

“yea better” Elinor laughed and winked at her male friend.

We spent close to twenty five minutes in there, as Elinor kept bringing up one topic after another, which she expertly tried to involve both Tessy and kingsley in. Kingsley himself was a good talker, he really was so eloquent and good with his choice of words. He tried his best to impress Tessy. I paid no heed to their discussion, sipping my drink and glancing at my phone and watch at intervals. Finally Tessy got up.

“i’m so sorry, but i really have to start leaving, i’m almost out of time, we will see at the party” she explained with an apologetic smile. I heaved a sigh of relief, got up and left with her.

“i’m sorry about that, Elinor can be annoying sometimes” she apologized to me as we walked to her car. Luckily she got a phone call before she could start the engine, a very important call which caused her to sigh after speaking with the caller.

“i’m urgently needed at my other office, the devil is a liar” she hissed,

“which office?” i asked,

“you havn’t been there, but we could go together if you won’t mind” she replied,

“oh no, i better go home, so i can prepare for tonight” i lied convincingly,

“really?, will you actually attend the party with me?” she asked happily,

“of course i will” i assured her.


I was home on time to prepare beans and plantain, something i really havn’t done in a long while. I really can’t say what pushed me to do that, but i managed to do it, even though the taste wasn’t really inviting.
Adaora returned by 6:15pm looking very tired and happy.

“dear check out these HTC phones, seems like they are the latest HTC phones available” she giggled as she displayed three sleek mobile phones.
“i got them from madam Bisi, one is for you, one for me and the third is for your sister, i also got three airtel sim cards for them, i’m really sorry for coming home late, i know you are very hungry” she apologized,

“hmmm hungry kwa?, not at all dear, i prepared beans and plantain for you, for us sha, because i have already eaten half” i informed her with a smile.

“oh baby!” she exclaimed, rose up and ran into the kitchen. She couldn’t believe her ears.

To be continued.

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