By 7:30pm i sent a text to Tessy, that i wouldn’t be joining her for the party {without giving any excuse}. Just like i feared, my message infuriated her. Few minutes after it delivered, she gave me a call which i failed to answer, instead i switched off my phone and joined Adaora in her room.

Adaora and i had a wonderful night, we made love over and over without getting bored.

“I love you with all my heart dearest” i whispered to her.

“me too darling, i love you more than you can ever imagine, but we really have something to discuss tomorrow” she replied and kissed me, putting me in deep suspense. I tried to get her to talk but she adamantly refused.

“it’s just a matter of hours dear, have patience” she smiled.

Early the next day, precisely by 7:30am, i returned to my room and switched on my phone which rang fifteen minutes later. A call from Elinor which kind of surprised me.

“what could she be calling for?, or is Tessy with her?” i wondered. I had great urge to ignore the call, but i forced myself and answered it.

“can you come outside please?” she asked without even saying a common “hello”.

“outside where?” i asked with surprise,

“come outside jor, don’t waste my time please” she commanded and hung up. I breathed deeply, thought over her words, brushed, changed my clothes and went out to the gate. There stood her car parked across the slightly busy street. I was a bit shocked but not too surprised to see her. I frowned and walked over to her car. She opened the passenger’s door for me, i scanned the street and hurriedly entered, afraid Adaora might show up that moment.

“you weren’t at the party last night?” she asked coldly. I looked at her and shrugged, saying nothing.

“my dear friend Tessy is really very unhappy with you, but it was good and thoughtful of you to disappoint her and i will want it to continue that way. I’m very serious about it and i never eat my words. You can call it a threat, i don’t care. Just stay away from her and we are good. You are of no use to me any longer. The new guy Kingsley is in a better position to take over your place. I have groomed him for that, moreover he is more matured, handsome and intelligent than you will ever be. I came all the way here to warn you for the last time. Back off my business, else i burn you to ashes” she threatened seriously.

Her threats really were very provocative and daring, but unfortunately i was clueless on how to deal with it.

To be continued.

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