I quickly prepared, dressed up and went over to Adaora’s room.

“Baby i’m going out with Obinna, i won’t take long” i said and kissed her,

“where are you going with him?”, “you know i don’t like that boy, he creeps me out” she murmured.

“i know dear, thanks for worrying about me” i smiled and kissed her forehead.

{Thirty nine minutes later}

Obinna dropped me at Tessy’s house, gave me some words of encouragement and drove away. I breathed deeply, brought out my phone and dialled Tessy’s phone number, praying she was at home.

“what do you want?” she angrily asked as soon as she picked my call.

“i’m at your gate” i informed her. She kept quiet for a while, perhaps she couldn’t believe her ears.

“for real?” i heard her ask,

“yea i’m serious” i answered.

“come right in you devil, what are you waiting outside for?” she said excitedly. I hung up, heaved a sigh and walked into the compound.

“see your way?” she murmured with an accusing smile when i finally got to the sitting room. I breathed deeply and said nothing, because she wasn’t alone. she was with her daughter and one other teenager whom i felt was a relative.

“let’s go over to the second living room, we have a lot to discuss” she announced and led the way, locking the door as soon as we got in, turned and faced me with a frown. I looked around me, memories of my first intimate experience with her came running into my head. It was on that very room that i touched her intimately for the first time.

“stop avoiding my eyes and look at me” i heard her say coldly, “what you did last night was so unbecoming of you, i feel like slapping you this moment urrhhhh” she scolded. I looked down into her eyes and smiled, silencing her with my eyes. She bit her lips and eyed me.

“I’m very sorry dear, what excuse do i give?, anyway here i’m. I came to surprise you?” i murmured, held her face, brought down my lips, and kissed her softly.

“i’m scared of our relationship, because it’s something that could consume us. I really don’t want to involve myself in something i can’t finish” i confessed, but she really wasn’t listening, her eyes were already closed, her body tightly clinging on me and igniting the passion between us.

“oh Val stop the talking please” she begged, fell on a couch and dragged me down with her. We were soon kissing, licking, fondling and smooching hotly.

“let’s go to my room, it’s more comfortable there” she soon begged, pushing me away. We walked into her room via the {connecting} door between her room and the small living room.
She flung off the last apparel on her body, and positioned herself for me.

“i want the full dose, please hurry” she begged jokingly as i wore my rubber.

forty minutes later,

She came out of the bathroom, smiled and climbed over me,

“you are so hot and handsome, you totally filled me up” she whispered happily. I breathed deeply and smiled. I was very glad she was happy with my performance, a perfect opportunity to ask for money, but i was clueless on how to go about it. I have never asked for money from a stranger.
Oh yes, she really wasn’t a stranger anymore, but i just couldn’t.

“what’s the matter, you look worried?” she soon asked with concern.

To be continued.

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