“i don’t think i can make it, i have a whole lot of things to do this weekend” i replied quietly,

“no don’t do this to me Val, please it isn’t fair” she begged, while i kept quiet and said nothing.

“remember your promise, i already have paid for the flight, don’t worry about your schedules i will compensate you handsomely, please say something nau” she added pleadingly.

“its not really about the money, you know i travelled to the east because of my nysc stuff, i’m yet to settle down can’t you understand?” i tried to explain,

“you are just doing shakara for me, it’s okay no wahala, i thought you are different but i have seen you arn’t” she murmured sadly,

“okay, okay, i don hear, i’ll try my best, send me your friend’s number” i finally agreed without my heart.

Tessy picked me up at the airport and chatted happily as she drove towards her house,

“you really don’t know how happy, contented and fulfilled i’m right now, you just made my day, i’m so so happy” she poured out happily. She really was very happy with all her heart, but i just couldn’t say the same for myself.

I displeased myself by coming to Abuja that fateful saturday, the stress and the time i equally wasted at Owerri airport also got me more annoyed and bitter.

“so where are we heading to?” i asked,

“to my house offcourse” she replied,

“no i don’t think it’s a good idea” i murmured instantly, she slowed down her car and stared at me inquisitively,

“why do you say so?” she asked,

“i won’t be comfortable spending the night at your house, what will your kids think, children are very sensitive if you don’t know” i explained. She kept quiet for a while and thought over my words.

“okay you win” she flashed a bright smile at me, winked and drove on into town. She expertly took some turns minutes later, drove into Borno street {Area 10} and stopped at Pridemark hotel.

“you sure know your way around town” i teased. She sighed and frowned jokingly,

“you are now insulting me abi?”

“noooo i was only complimenting your navigation skills” i winked and laughed.

We walked into the hotel, laughing and teasing each other like teenagers. She effortlessly paid for a room where i showered, changed and got some of my strength back.

“hope someone is looking after your kids” i asked with concern as we went downstairs to eat,

“yea my cousin and the other girl you saw sometime ago are with them, i already called home when you were bathing they are alright, though i might rush home and see them before i sleep over here” she explained while i shrugged and nodded.

“is everything alright?” i asked as we ate moments later, when i noticed her mood wasn’t lively as it earlier was.

“i really didn’t like the way you shouted at me when i called you this morning” she complained quietly,

“i’m sorry” i apologized, “the truth is that i snapped because your request took me by surprise” i explained,

“how? i thought we already agreed on it before you travelled?” she asked searchingly,

“don’t bother dear, let’s forget about it” i breathed deeply and replied.

“are you having second thoughts about me?” she suddenly asked with fear in her eyes. I gave her a reassuring smile and shrugged.

“not in any way dear” i lied,

“but i hope you won’t feel bad when i eventually get a girlfriend?” i innocently asked.

She instantly gasped, her faced coloured, there was anger, pain, uncertainty and fire in her eyes as she stared at me.

“do you have a girlfriend?” she asked with a deep breathe,

“no not yet” i replied and looked down,

“not yet!” she exclaimed calmly, “dear what do you need a girlfriend for when you have me huh?” she asked stupidly.

Her question as stupid as it was, jolted and embedded great fear into me.

To be continued.

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