“so what do you have to say?” she asked. I breathed deeply and shrugged.

“i don’t just know, but is it really possible by this period?” i asked,

“of course it is” she answered with a smile. I looked away and thought over her tempting offer.

“With the situation of things, redeploying to Abuja won’t be a bad idea, at least it could make me a bit close to Adaora and also enable me keep an eye on her” i reasoned.
“But Tessy won’t just be handing over all she offered on a plater, this is really way beyond affection” i wondered seriously.

“I knew how much an apartment costs in Abuja and i equally knew a car isn’t what we enter any toy shop to buy”.
“No think, think, think” i cautioned myself,
“perhaps she’s now offering all these because i told her about my family. There isn’t any doubt she could use the little favour to get more hold on me” i concluded.

“i see you are having a hard time deciding, you can take your time. Let’s now talk of where you are going to spend the night dear” she said, breaking me away from my thoughts.

“where do you suggest?” i asked,

“we can go to the hotel we stayed the last time. I know you won’t like spending the night at my place. Not after what happened today” she smiled.
“i guess we have to start going, we really have spent a lot of time here” she added and glanced at her watch. I finished my drink and stood up.

We got to the hotel minutes later, she got a room for me before hurrying home.

“i have to go check on my kids, you never can fully trust the house-helps she joked as she left.

I dialled Adaora’s phone number as soon as she left. I called her three times before she finally answered.

“what is it?” she asked coldly,

“baby what you did today is really very unfair, you are so inconsiderate” i accused her.

“where are you?” she asked,

“on my way back to Imo, i took night bus” i lied. She hung up without another word. I tried calling her again but she refused to answer. Tessy returned two hours later with a bottle of wine and a small nylon bag filled with suya{roasted cow meat}.

“don’t tell me you are already asleep?” she asked as she sat on the bed. I smiled and sat up,

“you won’t understand” i murmured. She laughed and cracked a silly joke.

We stayed up late discussing trival issues. She never brought up the topic concerning the proposal she earlier made. I guess she just wanted me to feel relaxed and happy which i was very much grateful for.
But early the next morning as we prepared to leave the hotel, she brought up the topic.

“have you made up your mind?” she asked.

“not yet, i will have to travel and think about it very well” i replied. She frowned and shook her head.

“i guess you are yet to trust me, i have done everything to prove that i’m a straight forward person, but yet you still have some reservations about me. Tell me the truth, why are you finding it difficult to trust me?” she asked,

“oh not again” i breathed,

“seriously i’m very eager to know?” she urged.

“please Tessy calm down. Redeployment is not something one wakes up to decide without taking so many things into consideration. It has nothing to do with you.” i assured her. She shrugged and said nothing more.

I finally got to Imo state later in the evening, and arrived at my lodge{PPA} by 7:25pm. My phone rang the moment i entered my room. It was mum calling.

“what is this i hear about you?” she asked.

“mum” i gasped,

“tell me it isn’t true” she pleaded. I swallowed hard and said nothing. I couldn’t find my voice.

“oh no” she cried, “make sure you come home next weekend” she ordered and hung up.

I couldn’t imagine what she knew, I had let my family down. What do i do??..

To be continued.

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