I really wasn’t myself for the rest of that week. I kept thinking of what to do and which steps to take. I couldn’t even answer Obinna’s phone calls, {who was probably calling because of the plans we made on saturday}. I couldn’t answer his call because i really wasn’t myself, moreover what do i tell him?.

I tried many tricks to talk to Adaora but none of them worked. She simply refused to have anything to do with me, which totally broke my heart. Seriously nothing is as painful as calling a girl who dosen’t want to answer your call. I spent many sleepless nights wondering what she could be doing, where she might be and what could be going on in her mind. I kept praying for her not to meet any sharp guy who could use the opportunity to steal her away from me. My condition made me become very religous.

I kept away from Jenny who equally kept her distance. She never bothered to check up on me, till thursday evening when i was packing my bag. {against travelling the next day.} Perhaps she had been waiting for me to make the first move of going over to her room which i normally would have done. But i really wasn’t in the right frame of mind, which she probably never noticed. I knew as a girl she was hurting deep down because of my behaviour towards her. I could have easily apologized and made peace with her if not for the problems that weighed me down, making me keep my distance.

“you have gotten what you wanted from me, i no longer exist in your life” she accused me as i was packing my bag. {thursday evening}

“Jenny don’t talk like that please” i begged,

“it’s okay, i wouldn’t have expected anything less from an Igbo guy, it’s your life, but it pains me that most times, when you see me outside, you look the other way, or simply mutter a dry hello, moreover who has been cooking for you?” she asked.

“please we will talk when i get back, i’m not myself please” i begged again. She breathed deeply, shook her head and left without another word.

By 12noon the next day {friday}, I headed straight to Enugu from school{PPA}.
On getting home by 3:45pm, i was a bit surprised to meet an empty house. “perhaps my little sisters are still in school” i reasoned as i dialled mum’s phone number.

“i’m at the market, are you home already?” mum shouted over the phone when she answered my call, but i couldn’t reply because the noise at her background was so loud and deafening. I simply hung up and threw myself on a sofa, gasping in shock as my eyes involuntarily fell upon a girl who dashed out from the kitchen when she heard my voice.

The shock i felt was so intense because my eyes fell on no other person than Adaora. But before i could recover, she sighed and returned to the kitchen, locking herself inside.
She came out minutes later, grabbed a magazine she probably left on a couch, eyed me and walked towards her room.

“please stop” i begged.

“i came here because your mum begged me to come, please don’t annoy me by talking to me, just carry your negative energy to somewhere else. I can never have anything to do with you again” she spoke insultively without stopping.

I felt very bad and a bit angry. I thought she would have respected and listened to me, instead she insulted me. I knew i deserved the insult, but i never expected it the way it came. I lost the little hope i had.

To be continued.
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