“hmmm his body temperature is really on the high side. This is no pretence” she murmured, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I guess it’s malaria, it has been long he last took malaria pills” mum said to her.

“so what do we do?” Adaora asked,

“i’ll go get some malaria drugs. I pray it helps oo, else we will have no choice than to take him to a hospital” she replied and stood up, while Adaora shrugged.

“i also don’t know how i’ll make him eat before taking the drugs” mum complained as she left the room.

Just like she feared, i refused to eat anything that morning, and only managed to take the drugs. Adaora surprisingly stayed with me after i had taken the pills, even though she did nothing than taunt me.

“you havn’t seen anything yet. Mum thinks it’s malaria or something, but i know it’s guilt mtcheew” she hissed.
I couldn’t argue with her nor say anything because i just couldn’t. I silently endured all she said. An opportunity she used to pour out her anger on me.

At a point, i couldn’t endure anymore, i managed to bring up my right hand which i placed on her laps,

“please it’s okay” i begged. My plea sort of calmed her down. She never muttered any annoying comment after that. She simply sat quietly for few minutes before leaving the room.

By 7pm, i was a bit okay, even though i still felt empty, dull and weak. Adaora came into my room again, this time bearing a plate of fried eggs.

“mum isn’t happy that you havn’t eaten anything today. I forced myself to make this for you, even though you don’t deserve it” she said and sat on my bed. I weakly sat up with a smile,

“this is a good opportunity to make peace with her” i reasoned hopefully.

“you better cut that smile off. I know what your thinking, but i’m sorry mister, it’s never going to happen” she said seriously, Killing my hopes.

“i have known you almost all my life. We virtually grew up together even though you weren’t very friendly with me back then, So i do know you well Val. You know Sometimes i played along with you simply because i never wanted to wound my heart and not because i believed you. Most of the tricks you played on me, never would have worked had i not purposely fallen for them. I didn’t tell your mum about Tessy’s kids nor that she was once married because the news would kill her. Just take a look at yourself, evaluate your life and tell yourself the truth. I didn’t leave this relationship because i want to, but because i had to. I’m really sorry for you, seriously i’m” she poured out before trying to feed me.
My eyes lit up happily, i heaved a sigh of relief. I was extremely relieved to hear that she didn’t tell mum everything about Tessy, which really was what scared me the most.

“Thanks for not telling mum all you know about Tessy. I owe you one” i managed to say.

“you owe me alot, but lets not talk about it. You are now a closed chapter in my life. I will be leaving the country immediately i’m done with NYSC. I know what i want in life, but i don’t know for you. You are a very confused boy, who is lucky to have what others are praying to have” she summarized. But before i could say anything, my phone rang. She reached for it, stared at the screen and smiled.

“like not storing Tessy’s phone number in your phone. You thought i wouldn’t know. Here is your phone, hope you can answer?, she’s the person calling” she murmured with a naughty smile as she gave me my ringing phone.

“am i really a confused boy?” hmmm Adaora.

To be continued.

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