Out of respect for Adaora. I enabled my mobile “loud speaker” in order for her to easily listen to my conversation with Tessy.

“what’s up, where are you?” Tessy greeted and asked,

“i’m in my room, seriously sick and upset” i murmured weakly,

“no wonder your voice is so faint” she said calmly,

“please can we talk later?, i really don’t have enough strength right now” i begged.

“okay, no wahala, good night. God is your strength” she prayed and hung up. Adaora scoffed and shook her head.

“she’s really sweet, isn’t she?” i heard her ask. I breathed deeply and said nothing.
She never said anything about Tessy again, instead concentrated on feeding me, which she did very well.

“why are you doing this?” i finally asked minutes later. She stared at me searchingly and drew back a bit.

“doing what?” she asked. I looked at the plate she was holding and smiled.

“oops, please don’t get any strange ideas into your head. I just felt like helping. That’s all” she seriously replied.

By sunday morning, i woke up alot better. I actually woke around 2am that fateful morning, unable to sleep again. I started working on my stories, writing, editing and saving. It really kept me busy till 5:45am when Adaora walked into my room, fully dressed in her outing clothes.

“good morning” she greeted and sat on the edge of my bed.

“i’m about returning to Abuja, though i first will stop at home to see my mum” she informed me. I felt very sad hearing the news she brought. I thought she was going to stay few more days with us.

“i never knew your mum is in town” i murmured. She shrugged and forced out a smile.

“how is your health?” she asked,

“i’m alot better, thanks for asking and thanks for everything” i murmured painfully,

“i guess it’s our final goodbye, or will you be spending the christmas with us?” i asked,

“no not after what happened between us. I will be spending much of my time with my family from now onwards” she replied.

“yea you are right. It won’t be wise staying with us after everything that has happened” i agreed unhappily. She breathed deeply, stood up and turned to leave.

“please wait” i instantly pleaded, jumped out of the bed, drew close and kissed her softly.

“i have nothing else to offer as a parting gift. Since mum couldn’t reconcile us, i find it hard to accept that your mind is made up. I’ll forever miss you” i said painfully. She broke away from me and looked away.

“you always say the nicest things, but please save them for another girl, i’m tired of hearing them” she replied,

“but i also have an awful thing to say” i murmured, drawing her curiousity with my comment. She raised up her face and stared into my eyes.

“i havn’t brushed this morning, and i kissed you with a dirty mouth” I smiled. She eyed me, pinching my jaw.

“that’s what you always do. Dirty boy” she faintly smiled and left my room without another word.

I felt like crying as she left the house with mum minutes later. “it’s all over” I cried.

Mum returned an hour later, looking tired and unhappy.
“we have lost a good girl. Adaora is gone” she murmured unhappily, while I felt like disappearing.

“can your mind truly be at rest when your beloved is gone?”

To be continued.

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