I was about dialling Adaora’s phone number when a text {message} entered my phone. It was from Chinwe.
I breathed deeply and opened it eagerly. It really has been long i last heard from her. Infact i truly had forgotten she even existed due to my problems.

“you don’t care to call anymore. I hope you are fine?. My final year examination starts tomorrow. Please wish me luck” her text read. I smiled and dialled her phone number immediately.

“i never sent the text to bother you, i wasn’t expecting you to call me” Chinwe sweetly said as soon as she answered my phone call.

“how then do you expect me to wish you the luck you asked for huh?” i laughed,

“go jare” she murmured.

“so how many papers will you be writing tomorrow and when will your final exam hold?” i asked,

“i have only one exam tomorrow, the next and the day after. But on thursday we have two exams and none on friday. The following wednesday, i will write two more and graduate” she answered excitedly.

“wow best wishes dear. I know you already have all the lucks in the world” i said happily,

“do you think so?” she laughed,

“yes of course. I think i’ll be there tomorrow to see you before exam starts. By what time is tomorrow’s exam starting?” i asked.

“by 12noon” she replied.

“fine, i will be at your lodge before 8am tomorrow” i informed her happily.

I tried calling Adaora after speaking with Chinwe, just to know her whereabout. She refused to answer my calls, instead sent me a text {message} minutes later.
“please stop bothering me. It will do us no good” she sent.

It broke my heart to read the message she sent. I felt really bad, but had no choice than to endure and hope for a better future.

As early as 6am the next day, i set out for owerri with many thoughts in my mind. Mum had a hard time allowing me to leave, especially as i insisted on leaving with dad’s car instead of mine.

“i really don’t know what has gotten into you. I can’t control you anymore. God help you” she murmured as i drove out.

I got to Owerri on time, precisely at 8:15am, and headed straight to chinwe’s lodge.

“wow Val, i can’t believe my eyes” Chinwe screamed as she hugged me.

“so how have you been doing?” i asked after settling down on her bed.

“my studies are going fine, i have no pending carryover to write” she replied happily.

“so how about your mum and siblings?” i asked,
“hmmm, they are all fine. Hunger is their only problem” she joked.

I spent an hour with her, discussing and jumping from one topic to another. I really was very happy to see her, even though she wasn’t looking as sharp as she used to be. At first i thought it was the final year school stress, but after she opened up to me. I discovered she really was going through a hard time.
I found out she was just trying hard to patch things up and graduate, because her mum who was her sole provider wasn’t supporting her like she used to. Business wasn’t going well for her anymore {remember her shop was moved}.

“my dear things really is so difficult for me right now. My project supervisor is even on my neck because of 12k{twelve thousand naira}, he is demanding from everyone” she concluded with a sigh.

“so how about that guy you are dating, what’s his name again?” i asked curiously,

“which guy? Forget that idi.ot jare. I thought i told you about him, the last time you came? We arn’t dating anymore” she replied.

“you know i love helping you. But i don’t know why you always find it hard to ask for my help” i murmured,

“you have helped me alot. This room, most of the things in it, all the money you have given me. No no no, you have done enough already. I can’t bother you again” she replied with a coloured face.

“chinwe you know our story isn’t just a kiss and tell story. We have come a long way” i spoke sincerely with all my heart. She looked up at me with a very sad face, her eyes coloured with unshed tears.

“you also have wronged me Val. Let’s not go there please” she spoke out unhappily, smashing my broken heart with her piercing words.

To be continued.

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