“hey val i know you are in town, let’s meet before you leave, i have something important to discuss with you. Please it’s urgent” was the text message Elinor sent me early sunday morning.

“what really does she want to discuss, hmmmm” i wondered as i read the text message over and over again. It really had been a while i last heard from her, but i really didn’t it give it much thought, because i assumed our business was over after she handed me over to her friend. Nevertheless i really was very anxious to know what she wanted to discuss with me.

I sent Adaora two lovely sunday text messages before switching off my phone. I couldn’t risk her calling at such an odd period.

Tessy and I did two more rounds {that morning} before she happily let me be.

“baby you are truly a darling, just name whatever you want and it’s yours” she offered happily with satisfaction, while i smiled and kissed her tenderly,

“all i want is for you to be happy” i answered sweetly. Tears of joy instantly appeared in her eyes, she tightly held me and sobbed.

“promise me you will relocate to Abuja after your Nysc?” she begged. I breathed deeply, smiled and stared into her eyes,

“whatever will be, will be, let’s see how things go between us” i murmured sweetly,

“i pray it ends happily” she prayed and closed her eyes. I silently rebuked her prayers instantly.

“hi Elinor, what’s up? I saw your text” i asked, when i called her an hour later as Tessy was taking her bath,

“yea something important really came up, don’t just ask me anything till we meet in our usual meeting place, you know where right?” she answered calmly,

“your chicken fastfood joint abi??” i asked humourously,

“yea just notify me whenever you get there” she answered.

“alright madam” i murmured and hung up.

Convincing Tessy to grant me an hour to visit a friend really wasn’t as easy as i thought it would be. she already had planned lots of events for our sunday even though she knew i was travelling back to Owerri that same day.

I really had to promise, kiss, beg and cajole her before she allowed me to leave the hotel room, but by then it was already past noon so she had no choice than to check out from the hotel as-well.

“i will be at your house in the next one and half hour” i promised, pecked her and left for the restaurant {Elinor directed me to}. I waited fifteen minutes before Elinor eventually showed up, looking very different and strange with a new hair style and native attire she wore.

“my dear, i know you must be wondering why i sent such text message, anyway let me go straight to the point” she spoke eloquently as we ate fried rice and chicken minutes later.

“Tessy do tell me almost everything you guys do, and i’m very glad to know that you are making out very well with her. I’m so proud of you” she complimented. I blushed and shrugged.

“it’s about time you start cashing into your treasure, hope you know she is worth millions and i need not remind you about my share. I’ll coach you so don’t be alarmed” she poured out easily as if we were just discussing a soap opera.

“I really don’t understand, are you suggesting we rip off your friend?” i asked with fear, shock and alarm. She smiled looked at me for a while before shaking her head.

“offcourse not dear, all i’m saying is that since you make her happy, she needs to return the favour, i as the broker plays the umpire, gets my share and we all go home happy” she elaborated fluently,

“this is outrageous” i murmured with disbelief,

“my dear life in this city is very outrageous, do you think i was playing the match-maker for fun huh?” she asked with a cold smile. I looked down and bit my lips.

“Yea She talked me into this dirty affair, but she can never talk me into getting my hands more dirty” i concluded and stared defiantly at her.

“i have to start going, i will call you later, i have a flight to catch” i instantly said and stood up, abandoning my food. She looked up at me with surprise before smiling with full confidence. A kind of self control i never had seen anyone display. It just looked as if she was used to dealing with revolting young men.

“sit down val, i said sit down” she ordered calmly without any slightless increase in her voice. I obeyed without protest as if i was under a spell.

To be continued…

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