I headed straight to my PPA from Chinwe’s lodge, and busied myself with work as soon as i got there. I kept thinking about Adaora, wondering how she was faring and how my destiny will be after losing her in such undignified manner.

As soon as our school dismissed for the day, i quickly searched for Jenny, finding her at the staff room, where she was busy going through some books. She forced out a smile as she saw me.

“how far?, arn’t you going back to the lodge yet?” i asked. She shrugged, neatly arranged the books under her table, stood up and nodded at me.

“very well then, let’s start going” i murmured polietly.

Later in the evening, precisely at 5pm, i took her to a small bush bar at a neighbouring village, where we relaxed with plates of pepper soup, washed down with malt{drinks}. She really was extremely surprised over my behaviour.

“please tell me what’s going on?, first you arrived this morning with a big car, acting all nice and friendly. Then you Searched for me after school, which you havn’t done in a while, now this. Tell me what’s going on please?” she asked curiously. I smiled and shrugged.

“i know lately i have been treating you badly, most especially last week. I transferred all my anger and bitterness to you, which shouldn’t be. I brought you here to apologize. I really do value your friendship alot” i opened up quietly. She smiled and stared into my eyes, saying nothing.

“and about the sex thing. It’s something that shouldn’t have happened between us. I prefer you more as a friend. I pray you understand, because i’m scared of getting sexually entangled with you, which could cause serious damages and perhaps change your destiny. I made the mistake once with a girl who happened to be my neighbour’s girlfriend and we are still paying the price. Believe me it’s really terrible. There comes a time when a man thinks not only of sex” i murmured. She smiled, brought her hand forward, placing it on mine.

“it’s okay Val, i understand. The truth is that you carry a strange spirit in you, a strange innocent character, a gentle nature which sometimes makes one imagine things way above the ordinary. I knew all along that i had no place in your heart, neither do you in mine, but something i can’t explain clouded my senses. I guess the best approach is for you not to get too close or friendly with any girl, seriously i just don’t know” she said with a calm smile.

I really was glad to have settled my differences with her, because she really was my eye, nose and everything in my PPA, moreover making someone who knows alot of my {Nysc} secrets and schemes an enemy could be disastrous, because she could easily bury me with all she knew.

Friday evening, i headed straight to Chinwe’s lodge with the money i promised her. My heart kept pounding loudly as i drove that fateful evening. Only God knows my destiny with Chinwe. A girl i stole from a helpless neighbour.
I truly couldn’t define what i felt for her at that stage. I liked helping her as if it was my duty. Sometimes i felt i was obliged to do so out of compassion, and sometimes i felt i was atoning for my sins by doing it.

My story with Chinwe really is something so unimaginable. First I stole her from a helpless friend, then Adaora snatched me away from her, later abandons me in the middle of the road, where i stood helplessly. But from the opposite direction came Chinwe again, speeding towards me, her head-lamp blazing so strong. The only thing i couldn’t tell is if Adaora will eventually hit the brakes and turn back to fetch me.

I was at crossroads.

“if things don’t happen, it’s because they are not meant to happen”

To be continued.

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