7:45pm Obinna’s apartment. ABUJA NG

“so how soon do you want the hit?” Obinna asked as we relaxed in his sitting room.

“as soon as possible, i’ll transfer the money to your account tonight. Just forward me your account details” i replied. He smiled and crossed his legs.

“o boy, you are now behaving” he laughed,

“one other thing” i said, interrupting him,
“i’ll take you to Elinor’s apartment early tomorrow, so you can examine the environment very well. I really won’t want mistakes. I don’t know where your guys plan on doing the job, i don’t care, but i’ll like a very clean work and please they shouldn’t cross the line when taking care of her” i added seriously.

“yes sir, nothing do you sir” he laughed, went to his fridge and fetched two cans of beer, offering one to me.

“no thanks, i’m going to bed. Good night” i murmured, got up and retired to the room he gave me.

I was about drifting off to sleep, when i saw him walk into the room.
“guy, you wan nack tonight?{do you want to f.uck}” he asked, tapping my shoulder. I breathed deeply, sat up and faced him. A bit confused on what i just heard.

“two chicks are in the sitting room right now” he murmured in pidgin english.
“i have already made them comfortable, all you have to do is simply follow me to the sitting room, sit beside the girl on red shirt and tell her what you want” he added with a dirty smile.

“my guy i want to sleep, you can have them all to yourself” i smiled and dropped down on the bed. He shook his head, hissed and left without another word.
I really was unable to sleep after he left the room. I began having doubts over what i planned doing.
“Val this isn’t you. What are you trying to do. Have you thought of the consequence?” my conscience warned, but i paid no heed to it, even though i was very scared.

The noise from Obinna’s room soon swallowed my thoughts. I heard screams, laughs, and music coming from his room. It just looked as if he was having a threesome party. Of course he was enjoying himself.

Early the next morning, after dropping off the two girls, we headed straight to Elinor’s apartment. You guys can’t believe how surprised she was when she answered the door and saw me. Goose pimples instantly appeared on her body. Even a blind man would have noticed how fidgeted she was.
I truly was extremely surprised to see her in that state, because i thought she was a very strong fearless woman.

I never knew surprising an enemy could have such serious effect.
Thus my first offensive had an encouraging start.

To be continued.

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