“oh jeez val, what are you doing here this early?” she asked as we settled down in her living room. I calmly crossed my legs and smiled.

“you never told me you were coming. I never knew you were in town. What brings you here. I’m about leaving for work?” she nervously asked with a fake smile.

“i came to reason things out with you, concerning Tessy’s issue. I came to settle with you. Fighting won’t do us any good” i lied. She scoffed, throwing a suspicious glance at Obinna. The type of glance which asks a question like, “val do you think i’m stupid to fall for this”.

She quietly sat up, drew close and sat by my side, surprising me with her behaviour. She was quickly regaining her composure.

“are you sure you are alright?, what exactly are you saying?, i don’t understand?” she asked like an innocent little girl,

“about your percentage nau, i’m now willing to cooperate, i don’t want to lose Tessy” i murmured seriously. She clapped her hands and stood up.

“val i really don’t understand you. I dön’t have any pending business with you. Please can we discuss this some other time, i’m late for work” she asked. I shrugged and stood up.

“fine then, see you some other time” i smiled, nodded at Obinna who quickly stood up.

We left her apartment smiling to ourselves. The old lady probably thought she played smart by acting dumb, without knowing we came for another thing.

“how do you see the apartment?” i asked Obinna,

“the house is tight, but i’ll figure out an easy way with my guys. Don’t worry, the visit we paid her this morning will keep her worried for a long time” he laughed.
I slowly drove to Adaora’s house with my thoughts racing wildly. I really couldn’t pin-point the main reason i was going there. All i knew was that i badly wanted to see her.

Luckily we ran into her as she was leaving the compound. She froze as soon as she recognized dad’s car. I quickly parked and begged Obinna to wait for me in the car. Alighting, i ran to meet Adaora.

“i see you have definetly gone crazy, what are you doing in this city with dad’s car?” she asked seriously,
“i can’t believe my eyes, what do you think will be mum’s reaction if she finds out?. You arn’t a kid anymore, please grow up. You disgust me dam.n” she shouted at me.

“Adaora, Ada baby” i called soothingly, reaching forward to grab her right hand. She instantly drew back, eyeing me furiously.

“see your life, you are very disorganised and confused. Who is doing this to you?, is it Tessy?” she asked angrily. I scratched my head and looked down.

“i pray you don’t get into trouble one of these days” she hissed and walked away. I really couldn’t believe she said all those hurtful words to me in the open. I bit my lips and returned to my car. The truth they say sometimes hurts badly.


I found myself in Tessy’s office, feeling her heartbeat as she hugged me happily. “my love, what a surprise. I can’t believe you are right here with me” she poured out happily.

No matter all the excuses i gave for seeing Tessy, the bitter truth was that i was slowly getting addicted to her. She was like hard drugs to me, sweet, soothing, and dangerous.

To be continued.
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