“hi girls, my name is Val and you are?” i smiled, throwing the bold girl a question look. She scoffed and shook her head,

“sorry i don’t have a name” she replied with a wicked smile.
“me too” her sister murmured, shattering my weak morale.

“well will you girls care for a ride, i might be going your way?” i stammered nervously.

“hmmm, thanks we arn’t looking for help” the bold one seriously replied, silencing me. Just that moment, a Toyota car pulled up beside us and honked.

“you see we have a waiting ride. So next time try a little harder” she joked, while her sister laughed carelessly. Dam.n i was extremely demoralized, i couldn’t believe being torn apart in such a nasty way.
“Anyway the frontal approach isn’t really my thing” i consoled myself.

I quickly pulled down my sun-glass, and softly grabbed the bold one with my left hand as she tried to walk away with her sister. She stopped and threw me a very cold glance. I pleaded with my eyes, her sister equally stopped, watching us.

I couldn’t really understand the spirit that took over my body that afternoon, nor the genie that gave me the silly boldness to stop two girls in front of Tessy’s busy shop.
“please just your phone number” i begged, colouring up. She rolled her eyes and breathed deeply.

“i don’t usually do this” she murmured, “i’ll call my number only once and if you miss out any. It ain’t my fault” she added. Nervously i hastily brought out my phone and typed the numbers she quickly called. The girls disappeared soon after.

Selena’s call came in as i was saving the number. I hissed and rejected her call, seriously thinking of the most suitable name to use in saving the phone number i just collected.

8:15pm, Tessy’s bedroom

“i’m having a hard time believing you bought that machine you drove into my compound with the money i gave you” Tessy joked as she pulled off her clothes after undressing me.

“for your mind” i smiled.
“what else do you want me to think?” she laughed, increasing the volume of the sound system in her room with a remote. Celin dion’s music filled everywhere.
Opening her fridge, she brought out a cup of chilled ice cream and a plastic spoon.

“don’t move an inch my love. I’ll pour the contents of this cup all over you. Tonight i’m taking you to paradise” she joked, scooping out a spoonful. I bit my lips as she dumped it on my chest.

“Tonight will be a night of endless pleasure, no holds barred. Baby Baby If I kiss you like this, And if you whisper like that! oh we will get lost tonight” she sang, while Celin dion’s track, “it’s all coming back to me” Played on.

“of course tonight may surely come back to hunt us” my conscience sang.

To be continued.

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