“Adaora, what are you doing here?” i asked with a deep tone. She heaved a sigh of relief, stood up and faced me.

“mum sent me to fetch you. She’s really worried over what you have become. Hope you won’t mind telling me where you spent the night?” she said calmly, throwing a curious, searching glance at me. I breathed deeply.

“i won’t tell you a thing, and i won’t go back with you either. Thanks for coming by the way”. I murmured seriously. She drew back in disbelief, gasped and shook her head.

“Val what did you just say?” she asked,

“i’m not going with you, i won’t repeat it again” i answered. Her face coloured up with fury, she held her head with her right hand, and turned, backing me.

“i’m not doing this because i want to. I’m simply following mum’s orders. She was very serious when she asked me to go fetch you this morning” she explained with a controlled tone.
“so please get it into your head and stop being naughty. I didn’t come here on my knees, begging you to come back to my life. Mum sent me, for all i care you can destroy your useless life” she added seriously.

“you better leave now” i shouted at her. She shrugged, grabbed her handbag and walked past me to the entrance door.

“I thank God i never got pregnant for you. I have no regrets over locking you out of my life. I only pity mum” she said at the door.

“you know what Adaora, you are very despicable. You and mum thinks i’m now living a useless life because we arn’t together anymore. Do you think you are the only decent girl out there huh?” i barked.

Rolling her eyes, she scoffed.
“Mum isn’t worried because we arn’t together anymore. She’s only worried about how you are living your life. Is Abuja your place of primary assignment?, what are you doing here with dad’s finest car?, what do you gain from all these?. Think my dear, think” she instantly replied and left, leaving me totally broken and worried.
I quickly dialled mum’s phone number, but it was busy. I threw myself down on a sofa. Obinna showed up that moment, with a worried look on his face.

“i listened to everything. I think your girl is right, you still have the chance to amend your ways, or you will soon end up like me, who is now ashamed to go home. That’s almost how it all started for me. Do the right thing bro, you are still under your mum, don’t fight your destiny. Forget about Elinor, i will fix her as you requested” he said seriously. I scratched my head and breathed deeply, finding myself between the devil and a terrific deep sea.

“most people think i’m a very bad person, without even caring to study me. Don’t let the same happen to you. Ada is a nice girl, even though we can’t stand each other. A mum’s boy will always be a mum’s boy. Don’t break your poor mother’s heart” he concluded, leaving me slightly confused and empty.

“instead of going back to Adaora’s house, i rather drive back to owerri. I won’t be able to stand the sneer which will appear on her face when she sees me come back” I reasoned. My phone rang, breaking my thoughts. It was Adaora calling.


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