I spent the rest of the evening thinking over the money i had spent. Money i would have used to do something better.

“How do i recover it?” i wondered deeply. My mind on Tessy.
“yea she is the only person capable of refunding me, but how do i get her to cough out such a huge amount or a hundred thousand at most?” i wondered, without reaching any concrete solution.
“i must get my money back” i concluded, shaking my head.


After dinner, I went over to Adaora’s room to try out my luck on her. There wasn’t any denying that i was still madly in love with her, my reckless way of life notwithstanding.

She sat up on her bed as soon as she saw me enter her room. Her eyes searching me keenly.
“what do you want?” she asked,

“i came to talk” i replied with a smile.

“you can talk from there. I can hear you perfectly well, don’t come any nearer” she said seriously, making me smile nervously.

“c’mon you can’t be serious. Let me sit on your bed naah” i murmured,

“you see that knife on the table?” she asked, pointing to a knife an inch away from her bed.
“i kept it for you. Just try sit on this bed and see what will happen to you” she threatened seriously, taking me aback.

“you are really going to stab me?” i asked,

“of course, all i need is just an excuse” she answered. I took a step closer, she quickly reached for the knife, battle ready and serious.

“you can never take advantage of me again, nor take me by surprise. So simply go back to your room and sleep” she seriously said.

“i’ll love to attend tomorrow’s church service with you. Hope you are going?” i asked. She scoffed and stood up.

“go back to your room please. I have had enough of this conversation” she said coldly, leaving me with no choice than to leave her alone. There was fear in my eyes as i returned to my room. There wasn’t any doubt that i had lost my Adaora, even though i knew she also was still in love with me.

Early the next morning, i woke up more confused than i was the previous evening. I really was supposed to travel home that morning, but i wasn’t ready. I still had lots of unfinished business i knew not how to finish.

My phone rang minutes later, waking me fully. It was Tessy calling.
“happy sunday dear, hope you had a wonderful night?, can you come over to my house this morning. I have something important to discuss with you” she said with a lively tone.

“of course i will be there” i replied hastily, thinking only of the money i intended getting from her, even though i was still clueless on how to go about making the demand.

“fine, i’ll be waiting” she laughed and hung up.

Adaora came into my room a minute later, very surprised to see me lying on the bed.
“arn’t you travelling?” she asked,

“i don’t know” i replied lazily. Shaking her head, she left the room furiously.


Tessy was all alone when i got to her house by 9am. She kissed me happily, welcoming me.

“were are your kids?” i asked,

“they have gone to church with the helps” she winked. “i’m all alone”

“so here i’m” i murmured with a shrug. She kissed me again, staring into my eyes.

“why don’t you allow me work on your {NYSC}redeployment huh?” she asked, while i rolled my eyes.
“anyway i didn’t invite you here for that” she said softly.

“i’ll be travelling to my home-town next weekend for a friend’s traditional marriage. I want you to travel with me, in return i will make things work out between you and Adaora once again. Remember i’m a woman, a good business woman. I know how to get your girl back for you. Just travel home with me and leave the rest for me” she proposed seriously, stunning me with her words.

“what exactly is her game plan?, why will she offer to help me get back Adaora instead of offering another thing?, what does she intend to achieve with all these. Is she doing this out of selflessness or for personal gain?. Why will she want to get Adaora and i back together. How is she aware that Adaora and i are yet to resolve our differences?” i wondered deeply, my head spinning wildly.

So so confused.

To be continued

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