I finally got to my PPA very late in the evening, while Obinna headed back to Abuja early tuesday morning.

I stayed at my PPA till Thursday afternoon when i headed home to see my dear mother. She really was very pleased to see me, but it equally didn’t stop her from tongue lashing me. She sat me down in her room that same thursday and talked some senses into me.

It really was very obvious to everyone that i was fast deviating from the right track. I was fast losing focus. I was fast going astray. ‘What could have led to such a sudden change’, was the question mum kept asking me. I really couldn’t defend myself nor utter any form of explanation to her. My loved ones felt i was possessed, they all feared i was being manipulated and controlled by an evil power, but to me i felt nothing of that sort. I felt perfectly normal.

Mum weeped for me, my younger sisters stared at me as if i was a stranger. Everyone watched me with awe. Seriously, if not that i was yet to complete my Nysc programme. Mum wouldn’t have allowed me to leave the house on friday afternoon when i lied and insisted on heading back to Imo state and perhaps it would have done me a whole lot of good and equally prevented me from experiencing one of the most gruesome weekends i ever had.

I truly understood mums advice, her fears and hopes, but when i packed my bag ready to leave on friday afternoon, it seemed as if her words had no effect on me. She couldn’t understand the reason i was rushing back to Imo state when the next day was Saturday, a weekend. Hmmm supposing she knew i was rushing to meet Tessy, to keep the promise i made to her. She would have breathed her last.
I truly was pursuing shadows instead of facing reality.

7:30pm friday

Tessy showed up at Okigwe junction with her SUV. I quietly hopped in, smiling at her.
“thanks a lot Val, you surely won’t regret a thing” she said sweetly before driving to her village. I quietly prayed. I needed no one to tell me that i was taking a very big risk. I was undertaking a dangerous journey. I knew nothing good could ever come out of it.

I truly didn’t know much about Tessy, apart from all the things she told me about herself, and some other things Elinor told me. They really could all be lies with little truth. Most of us live a fake life, and i knew just like i gave half truths about myself to Tessy, she equally did the same to me.

“well everything will be revealed this weekend” i smiled with a shrug.

Sometimes your whole life boils down to one insane move.

To be continued.

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