An hour later, we arrived at Tessy’s family house. A rectangle shaped seven bedroom apartment, adorned with brown and yellow colours, a yet to be completed one storey building stood by its side.

“my ex husband renovated the house for my family a month before our traditional marriage” Tessy lectured with a smile as she parked her car in front of the long house.

“my brother is erecting the house {one storey building} by your right. I sent him to Italy two years ago and you can see how well he is doing. He really has brought light upon our family” she spoke with emotion while i shrugged silently.

“all these wouldn’t have been possible had i refused to marry that miserable wretch, my ex husband. Sometimes we sacrifice everything just to get to the top” she added slowly. I nodded and stared at her.

“i perfectly understand you dear. Your family could have been backwards had you not grabbed the bull by its horn. I murmured.

Her parents soon came out to welcome us. We quickly alighted from the car, smiling graciously. My heart pounding heavily.

Tessy’s parents were in their late fifties or early sixties. They looked very strong, healthy and happy. Judging from their appearance, they looked like retired teachers.
After hugging and greeting Tessy, they faced me curiously. A bit confused on what to say to me. They really couldn’t make out if i was a business partner to their daughter, one of her workers, a houseboy or a security man.

“you are welcome to our home my son” her father finally said polietly, smiling at me. I nodded dutifully, returning his smile.

I was ushered into the sitting room, where i sat quietly, while Tessy and her parents went into one of the rooms to talk. They really spent close to fifteen minutes in there, leaving me alone with my worries. My heart kept pounding furiously. I really couldn’t believe i wasn’t dreaming. I was in a strange land with a woman who could be my downfall. A woman my family will never welcome. Not only does she have children, her age equally wasn’t acceptable. Yet there i sat like a stupid dog, with my tongue out, playing a game of no rules.

My mind kept wandering as usual, as i thought of many things. Hmmmm yes i always think, my mind always wander, but yet i still act unreasonably.
What sort of boy am i??, so gullible or should i say slightly stupid.

People say i have no guts nor balls, yet i was courageous enough to set foot in Tessy’s hometown. Hmmmm
unlike Elinor who was very daring and confrontational. Tessy was quiet, calculative and sleek. She always pretend to mean well for everyone whereas she’s only fighting for her personal gain.

Tessy and her parents finally joined me once again in the sitting room. Her dad smiling with a bottle of wine and a saucer filled with garden eggs which he dropped on the center table.

“my dear son, we are so glad to have you here. Welcome” he said with glittering eyes, whiIle i drew back with surprise, wondering what Tessy must have told them.

The unspoken truth was that my carefree life was slowly taking a new shape designed by Tessy. Somehow she succeeded in taking my eyes off other girls, destroying my relationship with Adaora and keeping me so busy with my thoughts that i even forgot about setting up a date with the twins i met at her shop days ago.

How do i wake from this slumber?

To be continued.
Don’t go away.

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