Much to my delight, i was given a room to sleep after having dinner with everyone. My delight was that i wasn’t going to share the room nor bed with Tessy, which earlier was my major worry. The last thing i wanted was sleeping with her under everyones nose, something which could send across a terrible message and perhaps be explosive in future.

I really never knew what prompted her into allowing a room to be arranged seperately for me. As usual i knew there equally was a reason for that, but seriously it really was one of her decisions i accepted with good faith.
She came in fifteen minutes after i had settled down to keep me company. Sitting on the bed, she caressed my chest for a while, smiling at me.

“how are you feeling?” she asked sweetly,

“fine” i murmured with a smile, very eager to ask what she told her parents about me.

“everyone likes you. Hope you like my family too?” she asked curiously,

“yea, yea, they are nice people” i replied politely. She breathed deeply, putting a finger into my mouth.

“i should let you rest. Tomorrow we really have a lot to do. First i will introduce you to my community, before we prepare for the main event we came here for” she said softly, while i almost choked out of shock.

“so you see i have nothing to hide from you and i really do expect you to reciprocate the gesture by formally introducing me to your family, and what time will be better if not this coming christmas, just few months away. Good night my love” she added, gave me a kiss and left quietly, leaving me disoriented and speechless.
Things really were moving in a zig-zag kind of motion. I really couldn’t pin point the exact direction she was leading me to. Yet like a blind man, all i did was think.

I had to speak to someone that night, just to calm my mind. I decided to call Frank who i really havn’t been telling some of my latest stories.
He really was surprised to answer my call by that hour and equally was more surprised when i told him where i was.

“you now do your thing alone and Secretly nowadays, because you think you have upgraded. I’m now old school to you abi. A master will forever be a master. I taught you almost everything about sex and women and even read your future to you. Remember i predicted you will do terrible things, it’s now happening, but i never said where it would lead you. Hmmm my brother it will lead you to your doom. You have crossed the line with Tessy, please end everything once you leave that village, Unless you are willing to sacrifice your manhood. She could leave you impotent oooo. Let me repeat. You crossed the line bro. You shouldn’t have followed her home. No man follows a woman he has no plans for to her home. Hmmm you are inside a boiling pot. Your destiny is being cooked oooo! He exclaimed, putting more fear into me.

Yet deep down, i still was indecisive.

To be continued.

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