We were led to a canopy where about ten elderly men sat, drinking palm wine. We politely greeted them, standing respectfully some steps away. There was silence as they examined us like a group of judges. My heart pounded furiously as we waited for them to say something.

“young man who are you? We never sent for you?” one of the elders asked, pointing at me.

“you can go wait for me at the car” Tessy instantly whispered, giving me her car keys. I quickly took my leave without another word and waited for her at the car.

She showed up twenty minutes later looking very upset and broke. I felt like asking her the problem but i held myself. It truly was obvious the elders threw a hard rock at her.

“my husband and i are already divorced, what else do they want eeh? Imagine i still can’t have fun because to them, i was only returned to my people not divorced” she rattled seriously as she drove home.

“but has your bride price been returned?” i heard myself ask. She kept quiet for a while, breathing deeply.

“so you think the fuzz is because my bride price is yet to be returned?” she asked.

“i really don’t know much about tradition and i may be wrong, but i think a marriage can’t be fully over traditionally, until the bride price is returned” i answered.

“if that’s the case, i will let my parents work on it immediately” she concluded..


Tessy came into my room later in the night after a long talk with her parents. Lying beside me, she played with my chest for a while, before dropping a bundle of naira notes on it.
“its a hundred thousand Naira. I’m sorry i couldn’t make it up to the amount i promised you. I really made some unplanned expenses. When next you come visiting, i will complete it” she quietly appealed.

“thanks alot, you have tried” i smiled at her, dropping the money on a stool {close to the bed}. She raised up her head, and brought it down quietly, kissing me.

Early sunday morning, Tessy headed back to Abuja, dropping me at the spot she picked me on friday, because i lied to her that i was heading back to my PPA. I took a bus from there and headed straight to Enugu, primarily to get my car.
Mum and my little sisters weren’t around when i got home. They were still at the church, giving me little time to relax and plan my next move.

I really was indecisive on whether to wait for them to show up before leaving again, or to leave a note for them and head out. I truly couldn’t come to any conclusion and so decided to fetch my car keys and warm my car, buying more time in the process. But on getting to my reading table i couldn’t find my car keys nor the keys to dad’s car {which i dropped few days ago}. I was alarmed, rushing over to mum’s room, i searched everywhere but couldn’t find them nor any other car keys.

I quickly knew mum was behind it and needed no divination to tell me that she has cracked down hard on me with a heavy sanction. My thoughts instantly went to the family’s bank accounts{i had unlimited access to after dad’s death}. My heart froze.

To be continued.

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