I felt very bad and guilty after my little sister’s phone call. I knew i was the cause of mum’s breakdown. Without thinking clearly, i quickly dressed up and headed home.

“I couldn’t just stay at my PPA doing nothing when my home is on fire”.
Luckily a doctor {a very close friend of mum} was at our house when i arrived four hours later. I relaxed, heaving a sigh of relief.

“c’mon don’t tell me you are coming from Imo state?” she asked, smiling deeply.

“i had to come because i don’t know the extent of her condition, how is she?, my sister told me she talks incoherently” i asked curiously. The doctor breathed deeply, shaking her head.

“her blood pressure rose to an alarming level, which invariably affected her brain and speech, but she’s now calm and resting. By the end of the day, her body system will be back to normal” she explained.

“do you think so?” i asked, almost in tears.

“yea the next thing would have been stroke, but luckily she’s a strong woman. I believe her blood pressure will come down to at least 120/100 by the end of the day. Her speech and everything will come back to normal” she smiled, while i murmured quick prayers.

“i’m off to work, i will call later to know how well she’s doing, please you guys shouldn’t disturb her” she advised and left. I breathed deeply, collasping on a couch and regreting all my stupid actions.

“what would i have done, supposing she had a heart attack or stroke?” i wondered, staring at my two little sisters who came up to me that moment.

“you didn’t go to school?” i asked them curiously. They shrugged and sat by my side looking troubled and grim.
Seriously the devil almost succeeded in wreaking havock on my family through me.

I dutifully attended to mum for the rest of that day, baby sitting, and serving her like a saint. She never asked how nor when i got back home. She equally never looked surprised to see me. Just like the doctor predicted she quickly regained herself. By 6:30pm she was on her feet, healthy and strong. My joy really was enormous. I promised myself never to cause her grief again.

“How would i have faced my family or taken responsibility supposing something very terrible happened to her?”.

By 6:58pm, i was extremely shocked to see my immediate younger sister and Adaora show up from Abuja. I never had the faintest idea that they were coming.
I felt bad putting everyone on the edge.
I equally can never forget the cold look of disgust Adaora gave me that evening.
Her presence however made me to realise something so touching.

“so what did i Realise?” hmmmmm.

To be continued.

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