I continued my romance, caressing and whispering sweets words into her ears. She moaned for a while before putting up a final resistance, which was so strong that i had no choice than to pull away from her when she screamed with a very loud voice.

“stop it, stop it, stop it!!!” she screamed like someone attacked by an evil genie. I broke away from her, breathing deeply, my heart pounding furiously.

“what were you trying to do?” she asked with a coloured face. I swallowed hard, facing her with a smile and saying nothing.

“no, seriously, tell me what you were trying to do?” she asked again. I still kept quiet.

“all you care about me is my body. At every given opportunity you pounce on it like an animal. Don’t try what you just did next time. Even if we are getting back together, you are never going to see my nakedness until we get married. It’s better you know now” she said seriously, backing me.
“and about last night, forget about everything i said. I really wasn’t myself when i said those words” she added. I drew close, gently touching her left shoulder. I wanted to make an appeal, but she quickly pushed away my hand, turned and stared at me furiously.

“it’s like you didn’t get what i just told you eeh?, please leave me room. Leave now” she shouted, forcing me to draw back, biting my lips.

“Adaora really was a wonderful girl, but her temper, strong and proud character sometimes made me wonder if she truly is the right woman for me”. I hate arguing or exchanging words with her because it could be very disastrous.
Perhaps it was because of her temper which was almost like that of my first girlfriend “Christy” {season1 + deleted scenes} was one of the main reasons she sticked with me through many falls, because i understood and accomodated her strong character.

I quietly turned and walked towards the door. I really wasn’t happy with her, but equally couldn’t blame her either. To me i was the one at fault.

“i’m sorry for shouting at you. I know i crossed the limit with my outburst” i heard her apologize as i turned the door knob. I turned, stared at her for a while, forcing out a smile.

“you don’t have to apologize. I understand” i replied. She breathed deeply, stood up and walked towards me.

“come give me a hug” she said, smiling at me. I hesitated for a moment as i stared at her speechlessly. She came forward and hugged me tighly, calming my spirit with her action.

“dearest, only if….” i breathed and stopped.

“only if what?” she asked curiously, breaking away from me. I closed my eyes, my heart still furiously beating.

I really had a lot to tell her, but i didn’t know if the opportunity that presented itself was the right moment to do so…

Hmmmm, only if….

To be continued

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