“only if what?” she asked again, her eyes fully on me.

“you are a very wonderful and understanding girl, but you see sometimes your strong character makes it look otherwise. We have talked about this problem countless times. Only if you can learn to control your temper, I believe you will be a more likeable person” i said to her calmly. She looked away, breathing deeply and thinking over my words.

“so my character is the cause of our problems?, my character made you cheat on me countless times, my character is to be blamed for everything that is happening between us?” she asked with a coloured face, drawing away from me. I quickly held her strongly.

“no not at all my dear, i’m only talking about your personality not our relationship. I pray you understand me” i explained seriously. She kept quiet, giving me the opportunity to hug her softly. I closed my eyes as her head rested on my left shoulder.

“i love you very much my darling, let’s make this relationship work again. I swear i won’t let you down ever again” i pleaded religously.

“that’s what you always say, but you end up disgracing me. You insult my womanhood each time you cheat on me. I don’t think any girl will be very understanding and accomodating to you the way i have been” she replied.

“i know dear, i know” i murmured,

“fine, i’ll give you another chance, let me try you out again, but it will be under some conditions” she seriously said, breaking away from me.

“i hope there won’t be any blood oath?” i asked myself as i nodded in agreement.

“you will have to end everything you have with that Tessy woman, business, anything. I won’t want to hear of her again. Secondly, you won’t question my motive nor resist any attempt i make in checkmating your every action and lastly there won’t be any sexual intercourse nor anything like romance between us until i say so. Are you good with my conditions?” she asked curiously. I smiled and nodded,

“of course i’m cool with it” I replied, wondering how it was all going to work out.

“fine that means we are back together” she smiled sweetly.
“you know the atitude you carry on in life will determine your future, don’t let me regret my decision” she pleaded.

I left her room satisfied but doubtful. Satisfied that i had fixed my relationship once again, but doubtful on how long it will last.
I got to my room to see my phone ringing, I quickly picked it from the bed and gasped as i saw who was calling.
It was no other person than Elinor.

“what on earth is she calling for?” i asked myself, wondering if she was calling from the hospital bed where i left her or from her home.

My heart furiously pounded as i answered her call……

To be continued.

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