“so Val you actually think you can put me in the hospital, say it to my face and get away with it. You think you can throw stones at me without a rock smashing your head. I’m now out of the hospital and the best thing you can do for yourself is never to try set foot in Abuja, infact you are a dead man” she threatened seriously,

“as for your girlfriend Ada or whatever she is called, just pray for her” she added and hung up, giving me no time to say anything.

My heart froze, i couldn’t breathe properly for a while. I was terribly scared, especially for Adaora. Elinor didn’t only threaten me, she equally threatened to deal with an innocent girl who wasn’t involved in any way. I was confused and desperate.
“what do i do now?” i wondered seriously.
Elinor wasn’t the type of lady who won’t carry out her threats. I needed to do something, but what?.

I wasn’t myself for the rest of that day as i thought of the best way to handle Elinor without soiling my hands again. But no solution was forthcoming.
“the best way to end this, is by finishing her off, once and for all, unless you are ready to run away from your shadow which is clearly impossible. Elinor is now your shadow and you can’t win a fight by defence” a part of me advised.

I had no choice than to call my accomplice {Obinna} to seek out help and advice.
“Elinor is now out of the hospital, she called me hours ago threatening fire and hell” i poured out,

“dam.n” he cursed,
“you sure she isn’t just pulling your legs and waiting for you to make a wrong move?” he asked seriously,

“I know Elinor very well. Once she’s after something she never rests until it is achieved” i answered.

“fine, just come to Abuja as soon as possible, let’s figure out a way” he murmured. I breathed deeply and hung up.

“/Abuja things/ again” i heaved a sigh.

I had a restless night thinking and planning. How do i get to Abuja without anyone noticing?, how do i get there without drawing suspicions from my family, will Adaora understand if i tell her?” i wondered as i weighed my options.

The next day, i went over to Adaora’s room when i noticed she was alone. I sat on her bed and stared at her silently.

“what’s the problem, i know you came to tell me something” she asked.

“when are you returning to Abuja?” i asked with a smile.

“i will travel alone tomorrow, but your sister will be returning probably on saturday” she answered.

“fine, i will go with you, but please don’t tell anybody” i begged, holding her hand.

“but why?” she asked seriously,

“i want to spend some days alone with you. We have to make our relationship strong again. I just want to be with you, i have this great urge i don’t understand” i lied sweetly. She looked down, thinking over my words. I knew it would be hard fooling her, but i had to try anyway.

“i know there is more about this your proposal, than just being alone with me. You are lying to me once again, but as usual i have no proof” she said calmly, looking Into my eyes.

“i pray whatever you are sacrificing your time for, to be a good thing. I won’t tell anyone, you are free to travel with me” she accepted calmly. I smiled deeply, hugging her tightly, my heart pounding furiously.
There really was much at stake and my prayer was for God to guide me through.

Early the next day, i left the house with Adaora. Nobody suspected i was heading to Abuja with her. They thought i was travelling to Imo state while Adaora to Abuja.
Mum was perfectly strong and healthy, her illness a thing of the past, so there was really nothing to worry on her side.

We arrived Abuja by 5:48pm that fateful day. I was hopeful and scared at the same time.
“is there actually a way of ending my problems with Elinor without soiling my hands once again?” i wondered as Adaora flagged down a taxi.

To be continued.

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