Adaora came into my room as i was about typing an episode of my story. I quickly closed my laptop and smiled at her.

“what are you doing?” she asked, smiling.

“nothing serious my dear” i replied, winking at her.

“anyway i just came to wish you a good night” she said. I looked up at her hungrily, she really looked very sexy on her new pink skimpy night wear. I felt like grabbing and devouring her right away.

“why are you looking at me in such manner?” i heard her ask,

“come sit here my love” i said, {tapping my left lap}. She quietly obeyed without any protest.

We stared at each other for a while without saying anything. I knew she was feeling very hot and hungry inside but was simply holding herself, it really has been long we last had a super active night, while I equally held myself because i couldn’t risk annonying her once again.

I knew i could easily get down with her that night, but i also knew she was going to lay blames on me after the deed, even though i sadly realised that i had lost some of the fire and touch which made me coolval. Yes i truly wasn’t as sharp and hot as i used to be. I also couldn’t point out the cause.

“tell me the truth dearest. Are you actually here for my sake?” Adaora asked, resting her head on my shoulder and breaking me away from my thoughts.

“of course my dear, what else could have brought me here” i answered quietly.

“i hope so, i really do hope so” she murmured,

“spend the night here with me. Please let’s not spoil this moment” i begged, risking a kiss on her cheek. She smiled and closed her eyes.
We finally spent the night together, cuddling each other. It really was a very wonderful night, even though we had no sex.

Obinna showed up the next morning, five minutes after Adaora left for work.

“mehn that Elinor woman is something else. I havn’t come across any woman as strong and fearful as she is. Imagine someone who just escaped death uttering threats without fear” he shook his head after listening to my story concerning Elinor’s phone call.

“so what do you plan on doing since you don’t want to soil your hands again?” he asked curiously.

“i thought about it last night. I think i will have to confront her, i will go over to her house tomorrow to sort things out. She can use the opportunity to do whatever she likes to me” i revealed seriously.

“you can’t be serious!” he exclaimed,
“are you nuts or what?, you really want to step into that bit.ch’s house, c’mon say something better” he rasped.

“she will be surprised to see me and nothing works wonders much more than surprises. Believe me, i know what i’m doing” i assured him.”alright, fine” he shrugged.


Leaving the house on saturday really wasn’t easy, Adaora was suspicious as ever but didn’t stop me.
In order to avoid being followed or watched by Adaora or her spies. I first stopped at a barber’s shop, where i spent considerable amount of time making{barbing} my hair, before heading to Elinor’s apartment.

I got to the apartment at exactly 10:55am that saturday. A very surprised Elinor opened the door and stared at me speechlessly.
I expected her to pounce, spit or hit me, but she did nothing of the sort, instead ushered me into her apartment maturedly when she regained her composure.

With my phone voice recorder ready and recording. I tried to calm my fast pounding heart as i prepared and cleared my throat for the mission ahead.

What exactly was my mission that fateful day?? Remember things are not often the way they seem to be.

To be continued.
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