“why are you here Val?, don’t tell me you came all alone to finish what you started?” she asked coldly. I smiled and shook my head.

“you got it all wrong Elinor, things are really not as they seem” i said quietly,

“i don’t understand you” she replied, facing me with both hands on her waist.

“i never attacked you in the first place. I’m not responsible for what happened to you some weeks ago” i lied calmly, while she shook her head in disbelief, her face colouring.

“but you confirmed it. You said it to my face, when i was lying helplessly at the hospital. Don’t tell me i was dreaming that day or that you weren’t the person who said those words to me” she said with a raised tone. I quickly drew close to her.

“c’mon do you really think i’m capable of such deed?, do you think i’m capable of inflicting harm on you just because you want me to stay away from Tessy?” i asked seriously. She bit her lips, staring at me silently.

“do you really think i’m capable of setting you up in a town i know not more than six people?, c’mon think about it” i concluded desperately.

“no no no, you are lying, you are trying to play smart, you know you can’t stand me in this town, that’s why you came up with this thrash, moreover i perfectly do remember all you said to me at the hospital” she sort of shouted. I breathed deeply, holding her shoulders.

“i said only what you wanted to hear that day, did i even say anything out of the ordinary to you?” i asked. She kept quiet,
“how can i attack you and still say it to your face when i know i can’t match you in this city, jeez Elinor nawa for the way you think. I came all the way from owerri not for my sake, but for Adaora’s sake. The girl knows nothing about all these yet you threatened to deal with her” i poured out emotionally.

“so you are actually saying that you have no hand in what happened to me?” she asked after some silence.

“yes” i quickly answered, my heart furiously pounding.

“ok no wahala, but if you are actually behind what happened to me and you came all the way here to deny it, then you are a big coward, a weakling,…” she rasped. I quickly placed a finger on her lip.

“sssssh, it’s ok, let’s make peace once and for all” i proposed calmly, keenly watching her reaction.
I really wasn’t proud of what i was doing. I knew i sold my pride and manhood with the way i denied everything, but i had no choice than to do it for Adaora’s sake. I had to do the impossible to protect her, because i knew i couldn’t protect my queen nor fight Elinor without permanently staying in Abuja, which really was Impossible because of my Nysc programme.

“hmmm you want to make peace with me?” she asked curiously, while i nodded. But before she could say anything else, her door bell rang, interrupting our discussion. She kept quiet and stared at the door for almost a minute as if she wasn’t sure of her safety or something best known to her.
She finally opened the door, and it was no other person than Tessy who rang the door bell.

“what were you doing that made you take so much time to answer the door?” she jokingly asked Elinor as she walked into the sitting room, instantly gasping and freezing in shock, the moment her eyes fell on me.

She never knew i was in town, and it equally was the second time she was bumping into Elinor and i in such surprising manner. I speechlessly stared at her. I couldn’t imagine what was going through in her mind.

To be continued.

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