“what are you doing here, arn’t you supposed to be at your PPA, when did you get to Abuja?” she asked suspiciously. I tried to say something but couldn’t. All i was able to do was simply to stare at her without uttering any words.
I never planned for her presence and what explanation could i have given to her.

“oh i see, i guess i have to start leaving, i’m interrupting something right?” she murmured when she realised i wasn’t willing to talk to her. Turned and headed towards the door while Elinor politely tried to block her.

“c’mon dear you arn’t interrupting anything, val just got here, surprising me with his presence as well” she desperately tried to explain, but Tessy’s head was already filled with wild ideas. She refused to buy Elinor’s short explanation, instead hissed and walked out of the apartment. I swallowed hard, my heart furiously beating. I could have ran after her, but something prevented me.

Elinor quickly faced me with a dry smile,
“i guess things are finally falling into place via the wrong way” she sneered,
“who knows what she’s thinking?” she laughed, her eyes scanning me seriously.
“hmmm so about your proposal. I think we can only settle peacefully if you are willing to let the sleeping dog lie, forget all about my dear friend Tessy and move on with your life. Moreover the situation that just presented itself is a very good opportunity” she said calmly, her eyes still on me. I shrugged and drew back.

“you never lose out in anything, do you?” i asked quietly. She rolled her eyes and scoffed.

“fine, i’m tired of all these games as well. You can have your Tessy back, hope we are even?” i asked. She breathed deeply and shrugged.

“i hope you are serious with what you just said. If you are, then we are even” she said slowly, turned and went into her room. She came out a minute later with a bottle of red wine.

“hope we can share a drink?” she asked. I smiled, my mind relaxing. I really was glad that i was able to convince her of my innocence.
“Adaora is now safe” i reasoned.

She handed me a glass of wine, which i accepted and drank, even though i stared at the drink suspiciously before drinking. I couldn’t afford to let down my guard because to me she still was a friendly enemy.

“forget about Tessy and you will have nothing to worry about me, unless you have a hand in that verocious attack that almost left me dead. I won’t let that matter die, i will investigate it till the end” she said with a smile as we drank the wine. I felt sick hearing those words, but sealed my fear with a calm smile.

Adaora was watching a local movie when i got back an hour later. She quietly allowed me into the house without saying anything, but her face was coloured. I knew she was very angry with me.

I smiled and hugged her tightly.
“it’s over my love. I love you very much” i said sweetly, without thinking. My behaviour surprising her very much.

“what’s over?” she asked curiously. I breathed deeply and said nothing.

Things have finally fallen into place. Tessy wasn’t happy with me any longer, something Elinor had so much wanted. A very good opportunity to close my chapter with them, move on with my life and have a happy ending with Adaora…

Is it really the end???

To be continued.
“LOVE & SORROW” comes up later….

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