“you look very dull, what’s the matter?” Adaora asked as we sat down for dinner. I forced out a smile, trying to hide my feelings.

“c’mon i’m okay, why did you ask such question?” i replied. She shrugged and kept quiet, while i faced my meal with a heavy heart.

Tessy’s phone call earlier in the afternoon really upset and sickened me. Of course i refused to honour her invitation nor call her which made me very tensed up. I didn’t know what to expect from her nor what she planned doing. The only hope i had was knowing she wouldn’t get back at me too quickly, at least till she knows my real stand over everything that was happening between us.

I unfortunately found myself between the devil and the deep sea once again. I never bargained for the turn out of events, even though i should have know better. I thought Tessy would have been too proud and angry to have anything to do with me anymore, but instead she preferred giving me a chance to defend myself, which i wasn’t willing to take. I was tired of it all.
“what do i do?” i wondered as i ate, expecting her phone call any minute. I knew she would call again.

Fortunately she called very late in the night, when i was slowly falling asleep in the comfort of my room.
“I didn’t see you at my house, why did you disobey me?” she quietly asked as soon as i answered the phone.

“because i don’t want to see you again” i replied calmly,

“why?, do you have any explanation for what you just said?” she asked, surprising me with her calm tone.

“things are not as they seem, anyway i have nothing to explain to you sha. My girl and i just got engaged” i lied, stopping to breathe deeply.
“i don’t want to disappoint my family anymore. My mum almost died because of my reckless way of life, thanks to you. I do care for you alot, but i have to do the right thing” i concluded, stunning her with my words which i knew exploded in her head like a bomb.

“do the right thing you say, is this the right thing huh?” she angrily asked after a minute of silence.

“you ate my meal, enjoyed my body, spent my money, dug a hole in my heart, and now giving me this crap of a news. D--n you Val, D--n you” she shouted in anger.

I felt bad hearing her outburst, but i had no choice than to say those heart-breaking words to her. I had a duty to Adaora, i had to keep the promise i made to her, i also had to keep the promise i made to Elinor, at least to get her off my back. Nevertheless i equally needed the break, it was an opportunity to reposition my life and make something good out of it. Just like Adaora once told me,
“the atitude you carry on with your life will determine your future”

“this isn’t over, i’m not some tramp you can just push away. Mind you i’m a society lady, don’t try messing with me” she threatened.

“i’m leaving Abuja tomorrow, i’m sorry over everything. I’ll come see you at the right time” i seriously promised.

“you will live this city only when i say so. You need a very good spanking. I invested so much in you. My feelings, pride, love, money. You will run to me tomorrow, watch and see” she angrily said and hung up, while i closed my eyes, dropped my phone and wondered what she could be planning.

Early the next morning, Adaora rushed into my room with a shocking news,
“dearest i don’t understand, see the message your friend Tessy just sent me. I wouldn’t have shown it to you, if not for one thing” she said with a serious smile, giving me her phone which I eagerly collected.

“hi dear, i have something important to tell you. I will be at your house very early tomorrow, hope you will have the time?
Happy sunday,

My heart leapt after reading it.
“d--n she’s coming here!” i gasped, while Adaora nodded, staring at me in a curious manner.

To be continued.
Do stay tuned.

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