“my dear i’m really as surprised as you are” i murmured, returning her phone.

“hmmmm, well i have nothing to lose waiting for her” Adaora smiled and stood up.
“seriously i think she’s trying to pass a coded message across, but what i don’t know is who the message is meant for” she said with an accusing look. I scoffed, trying very hard to calm my nerves.

“why do you say so?” i asked,

“feminine instinct” she replied, breathed deeply and left my room. I quickly rushed to the toilet and urinated.

“what the hell is Tessy planning?” i wondered nervously.

The text message she sent Adaora nearly split my heart into two, and i had no choice than to call her few minutes later. At least to know her mind.
“I have been expecting your phone call. Happy sunday” She greeted as if all was fine.

“Adaora showed me the text you sent her, what’s up with you?” i anxiously asked.

“everything is going accordingly in my own end, how about your’s?? I knew she was going to show you the message, what do you think?, isn’t it cool?” she asked with a mockery tone, which spoilt my mind very much.

“i don’t understand you. I thought you are a respectable lady, why now are you behaving like a teenager? ” i asked,

“because i’m desperate. You didn’t honour my invitation leaving me with no choice than to look for a way to visit you. What’s so wrong with it?” she asked in defence.

“fine i will come see you tomorrow” i murmured,

“tomorrow?, jeez say something else, tomorrow is work day. I’ll be very busy” she replied, but before i could say another word. I heard knocks at my room door.

“we will talk later, please don’t show up here, please” i begged, hung up and erased her phone number from the call log, before opening the door for Adaora who stared at me murderously.

“i knew you would call her. You are scared arn’t you?. You were speaking with her that’s why you locked your door” she shouted.

“calm down dear” i pleaded quietly,

“i have been trying to reach her till this moment but her line is engaged. I’m not stupid” she rasped.

“calm down dear, i’m not denying anything. Yes i called her because i was anxious to know the reason she’s coming, which is quiet natural. Remember you asked me to stay away from her” i defended myself, calming her down a bit with my reply.

“if that’s the case, what did she say?, what was her reply?” she curiously asked, while i swallowed hard. Her question a difficult one.

“she was surprised when i told her about the text she sent you. According to her, it was meant for a friend. She never realised she sent it to you till i called, can you imagine?” i answered innocently. Adaora simply scoffed and eyed me.

“you really expect me to believe what you just said?, anyway i still have to confirm by asking her myself, since i was the person that got the text” she said, dialling Tessy’s phone number, while I speechlessly stared at her thinking fast. I had to stop her from speaking with Tessy, but how do i do it without creating more suspicion?

“hello?” i soon heard Tessy’s voice over her phone as she turned on the loudspeaker. My head was full.

Adaora was unknowingly playing into Tessy’s hands. My too many secrets threatened.
My mistake was never admitting to Adaora of having sexual relations with Tessy and i was very determined to continue keeping the dirty secret.

To be continued.

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