“oh my dear, you are here already” Tessy said happily, her eyes lighting up with joy. I nodded quietly, my heart furiously pounding.
If not for the househelp who was still in the sitting room, i believed she would have hugged me.

“why didn’t you let her take care of your bag?” she asked,

“because i’m travelling, i will soon be heading back to Imo state” i answered while she instantly frowned and breathed deeply.

“i believe we have alot to talk about, let’s go to my room” she said with a controlled voice. I shrugged and followed her without hesitation.

“what the hell do you mean by what you just said to me in the sitting room?” she asked as soon as we got to her room. I breathed deeply and went close to her.

“yea i’m serious about all i said there, and also serious about all i told you on saturday” i answered. She bit her lips and turned her back on me.

“i feel like slapping you right now. Do i look like an object to you?” she asked angrily.
I breathed deeply, saying nothing.

“do i look like something you can switch feelings on anytime you like?. For God’s sake i’m a human being, i do a lot for you. I hate you right now, seriously. I’m not even mentioning about Elinor and what i feel you guys are doing” she rasped, leaving me speechless with all she said.

“you won’t say anything?” she suddenly turned and asked.

“what more do you expect me to say huh?, i only came here to plead with you to leave Adaora out of this. If you need to vent out your anger on anyone, please vent it on me” i pleaded. She scoffed and shook her head.

“no mister, on the contrary i think she’s my only obstacle, she’s the wall blocking my path. Either i climb over it to get to my destination, or i demolish it and get there” she said seriously.

“Tessy what are you saying?” i asked fearfully.

“all i’m saying is that i deserve as much right as she does. I’m not selfish, no other lady would have tolerated all you are doing to me without taking serious action. As for travelling today, you better cancel the plan because you are not going anywhere till i say so” she said with a threatening tone.

“are you threatening me?” i asked. She rolled her eyes and hugged me, surprising me with her behaviour.

“it’s not wrong to fight for your property. I’m just doing what i feel is best for me, moreover we are way too deep into this together. You are the only guy that has seen my nakedness after breaking up with my husband. Do you think it’s easy for me as a woman?” she asked, while i swallowed hard.

“we have a lot to discuss but let’s keep it till later in the day, i’m almost late for work. There isn’t anything bad in spending just a day with me?, let’s go to my office together, we can still talk some things over there” she pleaded.

By 9:30am we quietly walked into her office. I couldn’t believe myself nor the sudden change of heart. The way she pleaded with me really touched a part of my heart, making me fall weakly like a dead wood.
Two girls were already at her office waiting, keeping theirselves busy with magazines which they were reading.

“i’m so sorry girls for showing up late. Traffic” Tessy apologized and walked to her desk, while the girls politely smiled, dropping the magazines they were reading.

My heart instantly froze as soon as i saw their faces. They were no other girls but the twins i had a little chat with some weeks back. They equally coloured up as soon as they saw me. One looked at me ferociously, while the other held her sister’s hand. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through their minds.
I quietly turned and left the room before Tessy could say anything else.

I deeply breathed in fresh air as soon as i was outside, my mind wandering to and fro. But surprisingly one of the twins came out to meet me five minutes later.

With hands on her waist, she angrily stared at me in a very disrespectful manner.

To be continued.

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