“how do i free myself from Tessy without hurting her?” i wondered as i tossed around on my bed. I was unable to sleep, my thoughts wandering to and fro.

Early the next morning, Tessy came into the room, lowered herself beside me, breathing deeply.

“Good morning, hope you slept well?” she asked,

“yea, good morning” i answered calmly.

“are you still leaving today, or have you changed your mind?” she asked with expectation. I breathed deeply and drew close to her.

“yes i’m leaving this morning. You know i’m still a corper, and i don’t want running into any problem at my PPA” i answered and explained.

“and when am i seeing you again?” she asked,

“in two weeks” i answered softly, even though i knew i wasn’t going to keep my word.

The only solution i came up with the previous night was avoiding anything that could lead me back to her, which invariably meant that if i was willing to free my soul and body from her influence, the best thing to do was to leave Abuja and never come back. A hard but wise solution, which i barely knew how long i could keep. I had great love for the capital city and so deciding to stay away from it, really was a harsh decision.

“alright i will drop you at the bus station, whenever you are ready” she said with a forced smile. There wasn’t any doubt that she was unhappy, she was bravely suffering in silence, which really got to me.

As she tried to stand up, i pulled her back on the bed, kissing her strongly, my hands fondling and caressing her sleek body with great abandon.

She moaned and wriggled, trying hard to control her surging emotions. Within minutes, i got her unclad and ready for action.

“oh ahhhhh dear, you never seize to amaze me” she sang as i turned on her engine. In a twinkle of an eye, we got down to the main act, where i devoured and ravaged her to my fill.

To me it was a sort of good bye sex, but to her it was like those moments i brought out time to satisfy her. Oh yes i made sure i left her Very satisfied.

Two hours later she happily dropped me at the bus station, with a look of fulfillment in her eyes.
“i really don’t know what came over you this morning, but thanks all the same. I totally enjoyed it. You are the best” she said to me. I smiled and alighted from her car, happy that i left her satisfied with my goodbye sex.
“are you actually sure it was a good bye sex?” an annoying part of me asked.

Elinor’s phone call soon broke my peace of mind, as i headed to Owerri in a sharp, fast running bus. I knew the reason she was calling, i breathed deeply and answered.

“hi Elinor, i’m sorry about Saturday, i was forced to be with her. I have now left for good. You won’t see me again with her. I promise” i said before she could say anything.

“alright, i do hope so” she murmured and hung up, leaving me with a very big doubt which quickly returned to my mind.

“is it actually the end with Tessy?” i wondered as the bus headed to Owerri. The fifty thousand Naira She gave me, safely in my trouser pocket.

To be continued.
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