I had a hard time staying at my PPA without any plans of visiting Abuja. It equally was very painful because my car wasn’t with me. I felt incomplete being there without my ride.

However as days sped by, another idea came into my head. An idea which soared my restless spirit very high.

The idea that came into my head, was all about renting an apartment at a very decent part of Owerri. A place i could use as a safe haven, a place i could stay whenever i visited Owerri.

My cousin’s house {chinedu season 2A} had always been like a second home to me, whenever i was at the metropolis, but he wasn’t a full time bachelor anymore, and we wern’t close as we used to be since his status changed. Yes i still was very much welcomed in his home, but i thought it wise to secure an apartment for myself. Silly or not, the idea stayed in my head till i contacted a friend who directed me to a very good agent.

Three days later, the agent called to tell me about an empty apartment in Ikenegbu, part of owerri. I rushed into town the next day, saw the house, a newly built two storey building which had two bedrooms, plus a sitting room, small kitchen and toilet per apartment. It was just the type i wanted, even though the price tag on it was way too exhorbitant. I however paid for it, {including the agent fee}, secured the apartment and returned to my PPA.

Seriously it drained a lot of money from my family’s account, and i still had to find a way of withdrawing another lump sum in furnishing it. All these i did within few days of returning to my PPA, without seeking advice from anyone. To me i felt i was doing the right thing, even though i equally knew it was a very extravagant deed.
But In order to satisfy a part of my conscience, i refused furnishing the apartment until i was able to squeeze out money from another source. Hmmmm which other source? Nysc allowance??? Funny….


Tessy’s phone calls however intensified after the end of the second week {that i promised her}. She kept appealing, and using sweet words each time she called. Reminding me that i was breaking my word all over again.
“don’t make me believe that your word isn’t worth a penny” she always ended up saying.

I was seriously, tempted. My soul, spirit and body was willing, but somehow i still managed to stay back, counting the days.
I needed a big distraction to keep my mind busy, but there really wasn’t any.
The insolent twin that almost insulted me few weeks back, soon came to my mind. I tried establishing a relationship with her but was unsuccessful. She kept insisting i come to her school first, something i wasn’t ready to do, at least not without my ride.

Staying at my PPA for three weeks at a row without my car, surprised everyone especially mum, my immediate younger sister and Adaora, who was a bit suspicious but happy that i had truly changed. Perhaps it was her suspicion that made her decide to pay me a visit. A very surprising one, because she actually informed me of her intention, a day before arriving.

“dearest, i’m going to stay three weeks with you” was the exact words she said to me, when she was safely in my little room. But i couldn’t believe her.
I instantly laughed it off as a funny joke.

“one thing was certain, she won’t be able to survive three weeks in that hell-hole, or could she??” hmmmm

To be continued.
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