The first week went by slowly and uneventful. We enjoyed each other’s company, and lived happily. We never had any problem because i behaved nicely.

However Tessy’s annoying phone calls could have jeopardized the whole fun, had i not cautioned her in a very disrespectful manner.
After discovering that i wasn’t going to keep my word about travelling to be with her. I had hoped that her phone calls would reduce, but on the contrary, it increased tremendously, forcing me to finally shout at her, when i couldn’t stand the calls any longer. Moreover i was with Adaora in a single room and there wasn’t space for any sort of privacy.

Tessy couldn’t believe her ears the day i shouted at her. I told her that our relationship has ended, and that i won’t be coming to Abuja ever again to see her.
“Please forget about me, i can’t continue with the relationship anymore” i ended up saying.

“just like that val?, just like that?” was all she was able to mutter after a prolonged silence. I ended the call without giving her any reply, and i knew for the first time she realised that i was very serious. She never called me again throughout that week, something i so badly wanted.

However It really wasn’t my mind to end our relationship in such manner, but i had to do everything possible to safeguard my relationship with Adaora, moreover i had no future with her.

The rest of the week went very fine, even though Adaora complained i was paying less attention to her and always busy online with my computer. She never for once suspected i was writing about her. Lol

My corper friend Jenny, was another person she wasn’t comfortable with, but Jenny being a very smart girl kept her distance and never gave her cause to be confrontational.

We also began talking and planning about our future during that period. She still insisted on travelling out of the country after her Nysc programme, something i really wasn’t comfortable with.

On the third week the devil struck again with a powerful thunderstorm.

Early Monday morning of the third week, Adaora showed me two nasty photos of me, sleeping half unclad on Tessy’s bed. I was extremely shocked and speechless when i saw the pictures, because i never knew they existed.

“you see your life?, do you know who sent them to me?, no wonder she insisted on having my contact in all the social networks” she asked and said angrily as i glanced at the pictures. I couldn’t say anything, i knew who sent them already, and i felt it was the end with Adaora.

I simply ran out of the room and called Tessy who answered my call after it rang six times.
“i guess you have seen the pictures?, i still have dozens more to send and it dosen’t end there. No one plays with my feelings, you can ask my ex husband” she said, rudely ending the call and switching off her phones.


To be continued.

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