For days, i busied myself planning my vengeance. I rehearsed and polished every bit of it, until it became part of me. There really wasn’t any room for mistakes this time around nor last minute emotional breakdown, thus my heavy rehearsals.

By friday evening, all was set and ready. My speech, the character to play, and the end result were all in my head. I planned executing everything alone without outside help.
The vengeance i planned was very deadly and career breaking, but not violent. I hated a violent revenge, because of its threat to human life. Something i couldn’t risk doing again.

Throughout saturday, i eagerly waited for Tessy’s phone call which never came, however early sunday morning, she called to know my mind.

“seriously what did you really expect me to say?, the wound you inflicted on me is yet to heal” i said to her, sounding a bit broken and sad, after she asked of my well being.

“i’m really sorry, i will compensate you handsomely, just give me the chance please” she begged. I breathed deeply and keep quiet for a while.

“you have to prove your seriousness” i murmured,

“how do i do that?” she asked curiously,

“prove you love me by coming over to Owerri for my sake” i said softly, my heart furiously pounding with hope. She kept quiet for a while, i could hear her deep breathe through the phone.

“but you know i’m a business woman. I can’t just leave my business chasing over a boy, simply for few hours of fun” she slowly answered, killing my spirit.

“alright you have denied me the only one thing i asked for. I have nothing else to say” i sounded as if i wanted to end the call.

“but why do you want me to visit Owerri of all towns?, what kind of fun is in there?. The town is all hotels and clubs” she said desperately,

“it’s my town, i can get a rich hotel we could use as our love nest. We know how to make each other happy? Isn’t it so?” i asked, while she kept quiet, taking some time to think.

“alright i will take a plane down to Owerri next saturday. Don’t bother about the hotel, I will arrange for it myself. Just keep yourself healthy for me. Remember my advice, ‘try taking as much fruits as possible, they are more nutritious than you can imagine” she said, laughed and hung up, while i smiled evily. My pound of flesh was so close at hand, my knife ready to take a slice.
I travelled down to Enugu{home}, after the phone call with Tessy. Spent the rest of the day with my family, before heading back to Imo state the next day with one of my dad’s cars {actually the same car i used some weeks back}. Mum never gave any form of resistance as i took the car because she believed i had changed.

I got to my lodge at a quarter past three in the afternoon. Hearing strange noises coming out from my neighbour’s room, I quickly rushed to the room and banged on the door without wasting time. The noise instantly died down, which made me more suspicious.
Had it been some other place that the noise was coming from, perhaps i wouldn’t have been bothered, but it really was coming from Jenny’s room. A girl who has been so close and nice to me. A girl who sometimes understood and reasoned with me.

I definetly was sure i heard at least a male voice from the room which equally made me very suspicious, because as a female corper she entertained just few male visitors, who were mostly her students.
The compound equally was very deserted and quiet. A very good time for criminal minded people. I banged on the door again and again, determined to pull it down.

Suddenly, the door slightly opened, revealing a masked face and a gloved hand stretched out from the room, pointing a short local gun at me with the intention of drawing me into the room without any form of resistance, but unfortunately due to fear, i quickly attempted to shut the door in order to disappear. But on doing so, i forgot that the gloved hand was just inbetween the door and lock, thus making my attempt a futile one.
Instead of closing, the door banged on the gloved hand, making the owner shout out in pain, the gun falling lazily at the same time towards me. I drew back and seized it out of fear than bravely, before he could reach for it……

Thus I found myself holding a gun i couldn’t shoot. The disarmed bandit staring down at me.

How many of them were inside the room??, i equally couldn’t tell…
To be continued.

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