Suddenly the disarmed bandit came upon me as if he knew i wouldn’t dare shoot, which gave me a reason to think that perhaps the gun wasn’t functional or had no bullet in it.

He leapt at me with great force which sent both of us flying over the pavement in front of Jenny’s room. I crash landed on the hard soil, some part of my right elbow peeling off in the process and putting me through great pain.
Thus i found myself pinned on the floor by a not too courageous bandit, who snatched the seized gun from my wounded hand without much struggle and ran after his colleagues who were already escaping through the route they came from.

I heaved a sigh of relief, lazily got up and dusted myself, while Jenny ran out from her room, hugging me happily.

“you are my hero, you saved me from being raped” she happily said as if i did anything extra ordinary.

“what of your roomate?” i curiously asked while she sighed,

“please don’t ask me about that girl” she replied sadly.

She couldn’t sleep in her room that night, despite all the assurances the landlady and i gave her. She insisted on sleeping in my room and very early the next day left town without taking permission from anyone.

“my life is more important than Nysc, i will return when i feel like” were the last words she said to me before leaving that fateful day.

I spent two serious days at my PPA before heading to my new apartment in Owerri. Finally furnishing it with few properties i managed to buy, and making the place look habitable.
Apart from that, my days really were a bit boring until Tessy called me on saturday evening, telling me that she was in town.
“you can now come over at Links Hotel” she said with her sweet but authoritative voice.

I really was a bit surprised but happy, because i almost had given up that she was honouring her promise that day, after seeing the clock struck 5pm without hearing from her. I felt all my plans had failed, my hopes dashing. I could have called to know her whereabout but decided not to, that resulted into the surprise and happiness i felt when she called me by 6:15pm.

I hastily prepared and headed to the hotel, smiling as drove, wondering what prompted her into picking and getting to the hotel herself.
“Perhaps she’s scared of me, perhaps she’s still doubtful of my motive in inviting her over”. I grinned, shook my head and laughed out.
“oh Tessy, always calculative, but flexible”

Approching the beautiful hotel complex, i slowed down, greeted the security and was directed to a nice parking space.

Locating Tessy wasn’t hard at all. I easily spotted her enjoying a nice meal as soon as i walked into the plush hotel. She smiled on seeing me, while i calmly walked over and gave her a warm peck.
My game was all set and ready to execute.

What really was my plan?? Hmmm

To be continued.
Sorry for the late update. Been busy all day.

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