“what are you doing?” she asked with disbelief. Her face colouring with shock as she scrambled to cover her unclad body.

“just taking pictures” i answered lightly, smiling as i took more snapshots of her halfclad body.

“for God’s sake, what has gotten over you? What are you trying to achieve with this nonsense” she asked, jumping out of the bed, as if there was a snake in it.

“nothing my dear, i just felt like taking your n.aked pictures which i did. C’mon there is nothing bad in it. Check the ones i transferred to your samsong” i answered with an innocent look. She couldn’t believe herself.

Supposing she was a guy, she would have sprang on me, fighting to death just to snatch my phone. But unfortunately she was nothing but a lady, and had no choice than to wait for a wrong move from me.

Profusely sweating, she grabbed her samsong phone with shaking hands, her lips quivering as she searched for the pictures i sent to her phone.

“dear lord it’s more terrible than i imagined” She cried.
“now tell me, what is it that you want?, what are you trying to do to me?, i thought we are cool with each other?” she asked, trying so hard to control her emotions. I drew close to her, she quickly pushed me away.

“what else will i want than to have these lovely pictures in my phone. It excites me alot, c’mon baby lovers share unclad pictures every now and then” i replied with a sweet laugher, as if it was all a mere joke, which further infuriated her. She bit her lips and stamped her right foot angrily on the floor.

“i demand you delete all the pictures you have taken” she ordered, while i laughed out loud.

“i’m sorry but i can’t my love” i murmured with laughter,

“you are insane, you are mad” she cursed angrily,

“oh yes dear, i’m insanely in love with these pictures” i answered, sending her nerves flying high with my reply. Without another word, she stepped forward and slapped me very hard. Such a terrible Slap it was, that i was stunned for fifty seconds.

“i know what you are trying to do, and i dare you to try release those pictures to the public. I will come down hard on you and i won’t mind dying over it. I warn you, don’t ever try playing with my reputation” she barked seriously, rushed to the toilet, where she spent some minutes before coming out to pack her things.

I couldn’t say a word for some minutes. I had expected her to beg, or negotiate her way out of the whole mess. I never bargained on recieving such shocking atitude from her. She really was an iron lady to the core.

She quietly left the hotel room after packing her bag, saying nothing to me, and thus leaving me all alone even though sunrise was still hours away. I smiled to myself, fell back on the bed and breathed deeply. I really had no plans circulating her pictures, all i wanted to achieve was to make her scared, confused and afraid of me. I knew with what i did she would never dream of having anything to do with me ever again.

As i left the hotel, hours later. I got a surprising phone call from Elinor. I answered, wondering the reason she could be calling so early, and equally where Tessy might be. I felt she was still within the vicinity.

“val, val, val, you too much ooo, you no dey fear at all ooo. Tessy just told me everything. How do we see, i have a proposal you will like” she asked with a sweet decieving tone. I smiled to myself.

Unknown to her, she was next in my list for her double dealings. This time around, i planned serving her a nice hot urine without hiding behind a mask like the previous ocassion.

To be continued

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