“do you really want to know?” i asked as i thought over her question,

“sure i do” she replied with a smile,

“alright let’s go and sit down” i offered and looked towards my chair, suprisingly Elinor and Tessy were no where to be found. They weren’t sitting where i last saw them.

I quietly returned to my seat with the young girl following closely.

She sat on Tessy’s chair crossed her legs and smiled,

“i’m listening” she urged me,

“why are you so curious?” i asked,

“because you don’t look familiar” she replied and shrugged.

“do you know everyone present in this function?” i asked curiously,

“i guess so, but you i don’t” she answered. I rubbed my face and swallowed hard, quietly arranging my lies.

“i flew into town yesterday, i base in Enugu where my business is located, Elinor is a very close family friend” i simply explained, but my explanation really wasn’t enough for her, she drew forward and stared into my eyes.

“what sort of business do you do?” she asked,

“i run C.ben & sons limited, Estate developers with properties in almost every state in Nigeria including some African countries. My dad recently died, leaving the family business for me” i lied with a convincing smile, while her eyes lit up brightly. She quickly fetched a cigar from her pocket, lit it up and blew out smoke as she offered a stick to me.

“no thanks i don’t smoke” i replied with a smile.

“i guess we are now friends, my name is selena” she introduced,

“mine is val” i replied and looked up at Elinor and Tessy who were just returning that moment with a tray of drinks and pepper soup. The D.J equally stopped the music almost instantly while the M.C expertly took over.

“i guess it’s time i leave you guys alone” she stood up and smiled, while Tessy and Elinor returned her smile sweetly.

“save your phone number in mine, so i can easily contact you just in case” she threw her phone on my laps and smoked carelessy. I obeyed without hesistation, saved my phone number in her’s and returned her phone.

She smiled and left without looking back but Tessy wasn’t happy about it. A frown suddenly appeared on her face, but she never did complain until hours later when we returned to her house.

She quietly demanded to know everything i discussed with selena, which i did without hiding anything from her.

“just be careful in how you give out your phone numbers, it can land you into serious problem in this city” She advised after my narration, Kissed me good night and retired to her room…

To be continued..

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