As the month of december slowly dragged by. I did my nysc monthly clearance and prepared to head home. I was yet to hear from Elinor nor Tessy and it seemed as if all the tension had died down and things were finally getting back to normal for me.

But Precisely on the 9th of december 2012, i got a very terrifying phone call from Adaora. She sounded so nervous and frightened that i immediately knew something serious was up.

“dear i don’t understand, what’s really happening?, what sort of strange business did you do?” she cried, confusing me profusely.

“i don’t understand” i murmured, my heart furiously pounding as my thoughts raced wildly.

“some men who claim to be from the state security service were here this morning, demanding to know your whereabout plus the location of your village and residence in Enugu” she explained, while my heart froze.
“i really had a hard time, convincing them that i have no knowledge of your village nor residence. They didn’t believe me, but left after threatening me. They promised to be back in a short while. I’m all nervous down here, please what’s happening?” she asked curiously, leaving me extremely stunned.

I never expected such sudden move from Tessy and I equally was clueless on what to say to my girl. She truly was the only weak point i had, and my enemies very well knew they could get me through her.
The last thing i wanted was allowing any harm come to my Adaora, but as long as she was in Abuja, she was the perfect target needed to send message across to me, which made my greatest wish to be on finding a way to get her out of the city since christmas was just few weeks away, but how to go about it was another ball game.
Just like Elinor told me, Tessy was all out for a serious fight.
Later that same evening, i got a call from a strange number. On answering, i froze while my ear enlarged as the caller introduced himself.

“good evening Mr Valentine, my name is Mr Tosin from the department of state security. I guess your girlfriend must have told you we checked her up. And i also guess you arn’t surprised to be hearing from us. You know your crime don’t you?” he asked, while i kept quiet, unable to make out any speech.

“so how do we reach you in order to get your own side of the story?. Sending us your address will definetly be a wise gesture” he asked curiously. I swallowed hard, thinking fast as sweat drained my shirt. I had a strong believe that the SSS agent was fake, even though i had no prove whatsoever.

“but what if i choose not to give out my address?” i heard myself ask,

“then you are in for a whole lot of trouble. First your girlfriend will be detained and quizzed as an accomplice, then your sister and mum. We already have your data with us. It’s just a matter of time before you find your sorry a.ss in jail. Call me back whenever you are ready to be reasonable” he said and hung up, leaving me extremely scared and lost.

I felt he was fake yet i was scared.


To be continued.
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