Unfortunately he miscalulated the power of my driving skills. Hitting the brakes, i wheeled left, slightly avoiding running into his car.
Stepping on the accelerator, i fired on while he hotly pursued. This time flashing his head lamps as he gave me a hot chase.

My hands furiously shook as i raced on, murmuring quick prayers as my eyes keenly searched around for a new route. I truly wasn’t familiar with the road setup, even though i knew the town it led to. My pursuer soon gained on me once again, jumping pot-holes as if he was driving a hummer. The eagerness of his pursuit alarmed me tremendously, and i couldn’t help but imagine what was their plan.{I felt the car had more than one occupant, though i was unable to see even the driver. The car had a tinted glass}

Finally i saw a way out as i was about giving up hope. My eyes glittered with joy as i quickly made a last minute calculation, throwing a quick glance at the other car which was almost overtaking me once again.
Slamming on the brake, i swerved right, narrowly missing the thick bush {surrounding the road} as i avoided a very big pothole capable of turning over a car on high speed, but as i expected, the other car wasn’t so lucky as the driver who was so eager to get me failed to see the big pot-hole on time, thus forcing him to slam on his brakes belatedly which then sent his car flying into the bush.

Grabbing the opportunity, i reversed and raced to my village. It really was a narrow escape and i never had driven with such nervousness in all my life. It truly was a near death experience which left me with no option than to find a way to make peace with Tessy, even if it meant trampling on my pride. I was no match to her and only a fool confronts a spirit without having adequate protection.

“I have gambled alot with my destiny, it’s now time to call for a truce” i deeply reasoned.

But unfortunately, Tessy refused to listen to my offer when i called her later at night.
“you can come over to Abuja let’s discuss or forget about any deal. You have shown me your true colour and i’m now ready to show mine” she said to me, creating more fear into my heart. I couldn’t imagine my fate if i was to honour her invitation by setting foot in Abuja.

I felt she was very set to frustrate and wipe me out of existence.

To be continued.

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